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Faculty Of Design And Architecture

Universiti Putra Malaysia

43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.

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The main intention of this study is to contribute some thought on how important to celebrate young talented person to involve in entrepreneurship and professionals in making sure their career guaranteed. Fresh graduates in all over the country are over dumping and many of them were unemployed due to the limited jobs offer in the current market. The detail in this paper also puts the study on how to overcome the issue by Architecture and space planning. Young talent’s need will also be considered in this study especially on classification of the young talents person. The contributions from the government to the new start up company are more than enough but somehow they need to integrate and communicate between them to make sure the business growths are being competitive. So, this paper will explain on how to make those people interact between them and inspire community to be part of the business in the future

Keywords: Resilient, Entrepreneurs, Professionals



The main intention of this paper is to contribute some thought on how young entrepreneur and young professional can start their own career by doing business and create awareness toward local community to involve in small and medium range business to make the city’s economy more resilient towards the future development. Limited of jobs offers in the current market makes the government and citizen worries. Based on findings, Bandar Tasik Selatan has a total population of 11,304. Malay is the majority ethnic followed by Chinese and non-Malaysian. Around 18% of the population are unemployed people. And from that statement, I intend to build a UTC as a platform for those 18% unemployed to expand their business network. I put the specific classification only for young entrepreneur and young professionals to start up their business in this place. This place will be an interaction platform between big companies to invest on youth who already start new company to expand their legacy while inspire local community on how important economy resilient towards future development. This UTC will also be provide training facilities for fresh graduate to learn more on how having long distance medium range company. Malaysia Islamic council can take advantage on Young Muslims entrepreneurs to teach, learn and implement Islamic’s Sharia towards their business by making sure there are no doubt in any transactions and deals from Muslim consumer.

The paper is divided into three main parts, the first part will presents about the definition of the young talents person in details and the details business they are fall into. The second part will be presents about the exchange of knowledge between community and talented youth.  Meanwhile the talented youth is having exchange of knowledge with community, the government can take advantages on conducting trainings and deliver the details information on how to start business. The final part will be presents on benefit and future achievement can be reach throughout this programme. In addition, the importance of the future economic structure can be inspired the future fresh graduate to learn and gaining knowledge with this programme.




Entrepreneurial passion helps to coordinate cognition and behaviour of entrepreneurs(Melissa S. Cardona, 2017). Knowledge and passion lead entrepreneurs to work on their own company. Entrepreneurial passion has been de?ned as involving positive and intense feelings experienced from engagement in activities associated with roles that are meaningful to the self-identity of entrepreneurs (Cardon et al., 2009). Variety target of passion has been studied in the research show that ‘Growth’ Company proved the highest number of choice.  



These days, most of the entrepreneurs inspire to act differently rather than doing entrepreneurs with conventional ways (London Business School, 2017). In term of economical resilient, this is one of the best way to keep inspire peoples to keep motivated doing entrepreneurs in any kind of business. Different methods of business strategy has been describe in the study showed the success result could be an initial ideas with their skills and talents



Philip T. Roundya (2017) studied on dynamic level of ecosystem. They contend that entrepreneurial ecosystems di?er in both the diversity of participants, ventures, business models, and support organizations, and their coherence around shared values and activities. Their  theory has implications for scholars, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers.



Yazilmowati Yaacob (2012) suggested for muslim’s entrepreneurs to fulfill Islamic’s Sharia needs in doing any business because it could fulfil the need of family and the weak, performing the duties of charity, to serve the community and develop the community’s economic strength. In addition, by following Islamic’s Sharia we could inspire other to keep doing healthy business. As a result, it might help government to sustain economy and being resilient in economic structure.



The topic is more to a conceptual study on how to celebrate young talent. The readings and research are more on supporting the idea and view. Many research and reading has been made to come out with analysis and synthesis of the research. Some of the research that has been found comes out with statistics that can be use in this paper. Based on findings, qualitative method is the most efficient method to this study.



Research and readings is the first things that come out in minds when findings on topic. The main things that related to the research are about entrepreneurs. The lack of findings in the research is the details on kind of entrepreneurs available on market. However, the statistic and the methodology on research can be useful to the topic even though the intention of the topic break into smaller element. There are also some reliable sources can be useful such as, statistic from the government website and site analysis is being useful towards this paper.


Being resilient on entrepreneurial are important towards the society and precedent study that have been found is the business networking Silicon Valley, San Francisco.  One of the first figure when talking about entrepreneurial is the networking in business and how to inspire other while gaining some of the positive thought from others. Business networking is very important when involving in entrepreneurial things. Basically, Silicon Valley is a place where business growth from variant type and size of business. So it is very common to the paper.   Despite the working environment, there are also some other important element in being great entrepreneurs such as, networking, ideas sharing, present ability, and etc.

Figure 1: Silicon Valley Maps


Besides Silicon Valley, co-working space is one of the best case studies on how to attract young talented to come and do their work.  Young generation always love to do works at fancy, conducive and liveable space or workplace. In addition, there are lot of place like this growing inside and outside Malaysia because today’s working style has lot of changes compared to conventional office because of job available are not required people to stay in the office to do their work. This kind of behaviour called digital nomad only require plenty of facilities rather than working in the office.

Figure 2 : Co-working Space by Johnson 2017


Figure 3 : Co-working Space by Johnson 2017


Figure 4 : Conventional Office by Vito Chiodo





The main objective of site analysis in this study is to come out with the macro and micro synthesis of the proposed site. With those information, the relative and compatibility on topic with the site will be much stronger and it is also would help in detailing the further in the research in term of make a resilient city.

The related information of the site with the study is on the demographic of the site. Going generally, a total number of 11304 people with the majority of them are Malay. Bandar Tasik Selatan has a total population of 11,304. Malay is the majority ethnic followed by Chinese and non-Malaysian. Around 18% of the population are unemployed people (Riana AR).



It is importance for us to sustain in term of economical resilient because many of our fresh graduate could not be able to be employed because of job inflation. Statista (2017) as stated in webpage that employment rate in Malaysia still low and stable. But according to the survey based on 2015 numbers, when the national unemployment figure was at 3.1%, the unemployment rate among youths was about 10.7% – three times the national average (Shanmugam, 2017). These amounts of number keep our future generation worry. So it is good for our government to keep zero unemployment rates and inspire more talented person to start their own business rather than depends on companies.

London Business School, 2017 suggest to counter- convention mindsets of entrepreneurs by try different method of business to keep growing. Our own experience are the best example to come out with new business layout. As example, the insufficient stock and choices in the market could be our strength by providing what is missing. This type of plan almost successful for underated business to come out  with majority changes.

Melissa S. Cardona, 2017 stated that our interest and passion drives us to start business according to what we want. The best way to be sustainable and resilient in entrepreneurship is to be involve on kind of business according to our skill and talent. Lot of talents turn to waste because there are insufficient number of place or platform to share and expand their ideas and create networking to widen their business.

Figure 5 : Passion In Entrepreneurs by Cardon 2017

Figure 6 : Ages and Type of Business by Cardon 2017

Yazilmiwati Yaacoba, 2012 stated that every muslim entrepreneurs shoud follow Islamic’s  Sharia to keep welfare of the community while performing Islam’s duty. The main idea of this paper is to inspire community to be involve in any kind of entrepreneurs and professionals business by providing a platform to exchange ideas and thought. Serving community, fulfilling the needs of family and the weak and developing community strength are the best factor to be economical resilient because it could provide local community to support each other from this example.


The hypothesis from this paper is correlation between young entrepreneurs and talents, resilience and community is that inspiring everyone to keep doing business to reach better future without depending on employment market. In addition, it also could help Malaysia’s economy because everyone can work hard and smart according to their interest and passion without any stress. By keeping economical resilient stable also can make sustain our country from economy breakdown. As a conclusion, this studies focussed on how young talents could inspire community to start their own business without being depending on fund from government while stabilize national economy.


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