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MTA Vs Public Transportation Public Transportation vs.

An Automobile Among the many choices we have to make today is that of utilizing public transportation versus an automobile. Some things to consider are cost, environmental effects, freedom to travel whenever and wherever one would like, and personal interaction with others. One important similarity is that both options create jobs for other people; be it the man driving the bus, or the people working hard on the assembly line to build your car, wages are being made.

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Another similarity is that one must know how to navigate both, using road maps in the car, or route maps for the subway and bus lines. And even though both modes of transportation get us where we need to go, there are advantages and disadvantages towards both. For the typical person earning an average income, cost is one of the largest factors. Public transportation, such as a bus, subway, or train, costs between one to two dollars per ride, depending on where someone lives. When a passenger transfers to another bus or train line, along the same route, they are usually given a free transfer, which is quite cost efficient.

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