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Moving into the next topic of
fate. During Shakespeare’s time people were obsessed with the notions of fate
and to what degree we have control over our lives. Another key reason to the
success of the play. This is seen throughout the play with various premonitions
and foreshadowing that inevitably come into reality and result in the deaths of
Romeo, Juliet and other major characters such as Mercutio. As a result of such,
this leads the audience to believe that the two young lovers’ outcome has
already been determined even before the start of the play and that Romeo and
Juliet have to die in order to finally bring peace to Verona. For instance, in
the famous balcony scene, Juliet seems to hesitate for a moment as she realized
that their increasing attraction and passion towards each other seem to be
growing too fast and warns Romeo that it would be ‘unadvised’ to rush things.
Later on, Romeo dreams of himself lying dead as Juliet lays next to him. Furthermore,
the Friar also warns Romeo about rushing his marriage by saying to him “those
stumble who run fast (2.3.100),” but eventually gives up as he sees that the
two are desperately in love.  These are
just some examples of foreshadowing that things were not going to progress the
way the young lovers wanted, but also goes to show that they are responsible
for the actions that lead to their tragic deaths. Even though there not that
many circumstance in the play that chance plays a major role the concept is
still present to some degree. For instance, it is only by chance that the Capulet’s
messenger, who is almost illiterate, asks Romeo for assistance with the
invitation list. At the end, it was Romeo’s decision to attend the ball and if
he would not have attended the ball none of this would have transpired. This
just goes to show how we are still able to make our own decisions that can
affect our lives. A very interesting aspect of such, is the contrast between religious
symbolism and disobedience of many characters in the film. 

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