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Business Writing Report Gulf University for Science & Technology Written by: Dhuha sakeen – 6716 Fatemah A1-Sherazi – 6208 Eman A1-Hindal – 8074 Report on: Growth in GUST This report is on Gulf University for Science and Technology. It is to benefit the university to know what it will face when growing in Kuwait. This report will provide users with information and ideas for expanding. The main purpose is to help make a decision whether to expand or not.

Expanding any business costs a lot of money, for example when opening new branches across Kuwait for GUST, it will include many osts such as: 1- Equipment for the building 2- Land 3- Goods 4- Labor 5- Employees & staff for the university 6- Salary for the employees and workers All of these costs have cost benefits: 1- More students will apply at GUST 2- Charging higher prices for subjects 3- Diversification of students and employees 4- Reputation 5- Less crowded venue & parking lots 6- Customers satisfaction (Students) 7- Opening new majors & sections 8- New branches (local) 9- New branches abroad (Middle East) Other benefits: 1- Someday GUST might become globalized Problems: When GUST expands, an issue of controlling and management may arise. For Qudoumi is responsible for all of the good decisions. It will be difficult for new managers to be able to do the same in the new branches. New leaders will have new approaches and this shouldn’t mean the worst or the best.

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But the managers must monitor at all times, as there will be key indicators, to imply if the decision made is a good one or bad. How are you growing? We are growing in terms of expanding our locations locally at first. We also want to add new major departments, example: 1 . Engineering Majors – computer engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering 2. Art & Design Majors – art history, architecture, basic art, visual art, digital art 3. Science Majors – biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biochemistry, zoology Our customers’ “students” number will grow sharply due to the demand of opening new majors in GUST. This is what will benefit GUST in the growth of its new branches in different locations in Kuwait.

A good reputation about GUST in Kuwait will lead to the opening of global branches, starting in the Middle East first. Cost-wise, our income revenue will increase largely as our number of students will also rise. Some of the problems that may arise: Cost-wise, there are more expenses and payments. There may be issues in hiring new faculty. Not all majors may be in demand, research on demand of majors needs to be done first. Impact: This expansion will lead to competition in the education industry. GUST will have to be prepared for different kinds of responsibilities and must be well equipped. GUST will have to have contingency plans made ahead for in case of damages and so on.

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