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Back then, I have never appreciated the love that my mom always gave me, not because I don’t love her, but because I always take her for granted. I don’t always appreciate the love she’s giving me most of the time. I don’t tell her “thank you” or “l love you” half as much as I should be telling. Vive found that I put more energy into relationship that aren’t as important as the one I have with who gave me life and raised me to be the person today.

The kitchen is where my mom and I grew a strong Mother and son bond. I always see my mom in the kitchen cooking food for me. She would tell me “Vive been waiting for you, come on let’s go eat! ” or Don’t forget to eat your vegetables! ” The kitchen is where my mom mostly spend the rest of her day off on. She would watch videos of cooking shows and call her friends for a recipe. Once she’s finished, she would go to the kitchen and mingle around in the fridge to see if there’s anything to cook.

Once she starts cooking, she imagine herself being a host in a cooking show, which Vive always find funny about my mom. Conclusion: Vive realized how important being love by my mom. Sometimes I Don’t appreciate the love they giving me because I always take her for granted . You never know how important your parent’s are until they are gone. Vive learned that the love is the most important gift you will ever received as from your parent’s. Because of that love, I grew up Just like what my mom wanted me to be,

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