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Most of us grew up with the mentality of being able to convert hard work and an education into success, money, and happiness, disregarding our status. This ideology is the American Dream. The problem with this dream is that it’s contradicting. Our status does matter. The American Dream can be easily achieved only by straight white middle-class men. Therefore, the American Dream doesn’t represent everyone, making it extremely difficult for other people in a social categorization who are in pursuit of this exact dream. There is no shortcut for social mobility, wealth, happiness or even comfort for these unacknowledged communities.
In “In Living Color” by Michael Omi, Omi states that “A crucial dimension of racial oppression in the United States is the elaboration of an ideology of difference or ‘otherness.’ This involves defining ‘us’ (i.e., white Americans) in opposition to ‘them,’ an important task when distinct groups are first encountered” (465). This means that the ideology of difference is key to racial oppression. Society considers other people who don’t look like white Americans as “different” and categorize them into groups of similar physical and social qualities. These categorized groups are called race. Therefore, race is a social construct because there is no biological explanation of how people are categorized as white, Black, Asian, Mexican, etc. Somehow society thinks that white Americans are superior to any other race because these people are different than a traditional white American. Consequently, this causes racial oppression, especially in black communities.

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