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Moral values are must in studentship’s Worthy principal, teachers and my dear friends good morning today I stand before you to give a speech on moral values are must in a student’s life. It would not be inappropriate if we say that moral values from our lives are slowly disappearing. Those days are gone when we all are keen to help our neighbors at their struggling moment, to victims of any difficulty and needy persons of our society.Today if a person meets any serious accident, no one takes the risk to take him to the capital, but first his luggage or goods get robbed or captured.

Moral values are the basic of our goodness and if we use them they give us unexplainable Joy. You will agree with me that we can’t measure this intensity of Joy. But if we feel it, it would give us a sense of relief and contentment that is class apart. Moral values are a must in a student’s life since he or she has yet to face the harsh realities of life.Secondly, these moral values are not one sided but give immense content to those when exercise them and those for whom the exercised helping a Lind man to cross the road, giving food to the really hungry, consoling a baby like mother Teresa, consoling a really depressed person or sharing one’s grief, are invaluable services born of these moral values. I earnestly request the students to enrich their moral vision by putting these values in practice.

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It doesn’t tax one’s pocket to use them but it increases love, affection, give and take and mutual understanding between people.Paying respects to the elders, showing politeness to the small kids, helping the needy etc, are what we, as students, deed the most. This also shows the manners and also the quality of our background. Live for others will not minimize your ego but it will increase the love, respect, and personality for you in others heart. According to Father of Indian Nation M. K. Gandhi “If wealth is lost nothing is lost” “If health is lost something is lost” “If character is lost everything is lost” Best of all things is character.

Value education meaner inculcating in the children sense humanism, a deep concern for the well being of others and the nation.

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