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Moore’s Creek Bridge Battle$1.99February 27th, 1776The British RetreatsThe British Retreats-Gracie Ficarri Moore’s Creek Bridge, North Carolina      Moore’s Creek Bridge War occurred on February 27, 1776. The battle had been fought between the American Colonists fighting against the British. At night of February 26, 1776, the Americans and the British were positioned around Moore’s Creek Bridge to fight the next morning. Caswell moved 800 soldiers on the West Bank, and Lillington put 150 men by a slightly elevated hill near the east bank. Moore had put his 1,000 troops between his creek and Wilmington.  Lots of Patriots were on both sides of the bridge readying their cannons and muskets. The Patriots were fighting as the defensive side, and the British were on the offensive side planning to fire first until their leader, MacDonald, felt ill.          At 1:00 am on February 27th, McLeod made his 1,500 troops march throughthe swamps in freezing temperatures. After marching through the swamps for a while, the highlanders spotted Caswell’s camp which had been abandoned. Caswell had played a trick on them by leaving the campfires burning to distract the British while the colonists moved east. The Patriots removes the planks from Moore’s Bridge, greased the girders, and put the artillery to cover the bridge and road. The British Loyalists regrouped at the abandoned campsite and waited for daybreak to follow the Patriots. The British assumed that the Patriots were running, but about on the other side of the bridge about 1,000 Whig soldiers were waiting. The silence had been broken when 500 highlanders ran towards the bridge with their weapons in hand. As the music coming from the bagpipes played, Whig soldiers yelled “King George and Broadswords!” There were only a few highlanders who made it across the slippery bridge. The rest of the highlanders fell into the swamp. The Whig soldiers were shooting from all sides knocking down the highlanders one by one.                  …………………………………………………————————————— —————————————————     Three minutes into the battle, around 70 highlanders were killed or wounded, and McLeod was shot and dead. There were 850 soldiers who had been taken prisoner. Including MacDonald who had been captured in his tent. The battle ended in three minutes because the British side surrendered. They had no one to lead them, and they were outnumbered. The American Colonists had won the battle. Two months after the battle on April 12th, 1776, North Carolina had been the first colony to vote in favor of independence from Britain. “On 27 February 1776 and encounter which lasted less than ten minutes changed for ever the relationship between the Southern Colonies and Great Britain. The British had planned to use the Carolina residents who were loyal to the king to overthrow the rebellious governments in North America. For the scheme to work there had to be an uprising of these Loyalists coupled with a co-ordinated invasion by trained British soldiers. The first attempt to carry out the plan called for the uprising of the Scots of the upper Cape Fear Valley and an invasion by His Majesty’ military in the lower Cape Fear region,” wrote Bobby Gilmer Moss.     

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