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Following two wave trains are approaching each other. Y=a sin 208 Tit yell = a sin 200 Tit The number of beats heard per second is : http://Isabella. Bloodspot. Com/ 2. One of the ego-stationary satellites of India is vertically above A. New Delhi B.

Iambi C. Allahabad D. None of these 3. Light of wavelength 2400 x 10-10 m in air will become light of wavelength in glass (p = 1. 5) equal to B.

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Xx 10-10 m C. 1080×10-earn D. None of these A. 10-mom 4.

The ratio of secondary to primary turns is 4:5. If power input is P, what will be the ratio of power output (neglect all losses) to power input ? B. 94 C.

54 D. 11 5.Lens’s law applies to A. Electrostatics C. Electro-magnetic induction B. Lenses D.

Cinema slides 6. If a proton and anti-proton come close to each other and annihilate, how much energy will be released ? A. 1. XII-J B. XII-J 7.

If Sin is doped with As, what will be the result A. N-type B. P-type C.

Intrinsic D. None of chemosynthesis’s conductor conductor conductor 8. A charge is placed at the centre of a cube, what is the electric flux passing through one of its faces? A. (1/6) X (CIA/E) B. Q/E C. CLC/E 9.

What is the degree of freedom in case of a mono atomic gas ? A. 1 10. The ratio of secondary to primary turns is 4:5.If power input is P, what will be the A. B. C.

1 1 . Speed of recession of galaxy is proportional to its distance D. A. Directly B. Inversely C.

Exponentially 12. If a substance goes in a magnetic field and is pushed out of it, what is it ? A. Paramagnetic B. Ferromagnetic C.

Diamagnetic D. Intercontinental A. Work B. Power C. Torque D.

Gravitational Constant 14. Minimum energy required to excite an electron in a Hydrogen atom in ground state is : A. -13. 6 eve B. 13. Eve C.

10. 2 eve D. 3. 4 eve 15. If Gravitational Constant is decreasing in time, what will remain unchanged in case of a satellite orbiting around earth ? A.Time period B.

Orbiting radius C. Tangential velocity D. Angular velocity 16. If a transparent medium of refractive index p = 1.

5 and thickness t = 2. 5 x 10-5 m is inserted in front of one of the slits of Young Double Slit experiment, how much will be the shift in the interference pattern ? The distance between the slits is 5. 0 x 10-3 CM and that between slits and screen is 100 CM. A. 5 CM B. 2.

5 CM C. 0. 25 CM D.

0. 1 CM 17. How does light propagate in optical fibers? A. Total internal B. Refraction C. Reflection reflection 18. Dispersion of light is due to A.

Wavelength B. Intensity of light C. Density of medium 19.Which of the following conclusions is correct regarding a stationary body? A. No force is acting on the body B. Vector sum of forces acing on the body is zero C. The body is in vacuum D. The forces acting on the body do not constitute a couple 20.

Energy released in stars is due to B. Fusion C. Combustion D. Chemical reaction 21 .

13 days is the half-life period of a sample. After how many days, the sample will become 1/16th of the original substance ? A. 52 B. 3. 8 22. Absolute zero is the temperature at which A. Water solidifies C.

Motion of molecules becomes minimum B. All gateposts://Isabella. Bloodspot. Com/ become liquid D.

Retrying solidifies 23. Motion of liquid in a tube is described by A. Bernoulli Theorem B. Possible Equation C. Stokes’s Law D. Archimedes’ Principle 24. Molecular motion shows itself as A. Temperature B.

Internal Energy C. Friction D. Viscosity 25. Which is this gate ? A. AND B. AND D. NOR 26. Energy bands in solids are a consequence of A.

Ohm’s Law B. Paulo’s Exclusion Principle C. Boor’s Theory D.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 27. A boy of mass M stands on the floor of an elevator moving downwards with an acceleration a which is less than g. The force exerted by the boy on the floor of the elevator is A. MGM x Ma C.MGM – Ma D.

MGM + Ma 28. A body A of mass ml exerts a force on another body B of mass mm. If the acceleration of B be ah, then the acceleration (in magnitude ) of A is A. Mm/mm (ah) B. Rent-no ah C. Ran,t-no (ah) 29.

What does not change when sound enters from one medium to another ? A. Wavelength B. Speed C. Frequency 30.

Resolving power of a microscope depends upon A. Wavelength of light used, directly B. Wavelength of light used, inversely C. Frequency of light used D. Focal length of objective 31 .

An astronaut of weight MGM is in a rocket accelerating upward with an acceleration of g. The apparent weight of the astronaut will beA. Egg B. Egg C.

MGM D. Zero 32. One proton beam enters a magnetic field of 10-4 m/s normally, SP. Charge = 1011 C/keg, velocity = 109 m/s. What is the radius of the circle describe by it ? A. 0. 1 m B.

Loom C. Mom 33. If a black body radiates 20 calories per second at CHIC, it will radiate at CHIC A. 10 calories per B.

80 calories per second C. 320 calories per 34. If a carrot engine is working with source temperature equal to CHIC and its sink temperature is at CHIC, its efficiency will be 35. If the frequency of an oscillating particle is n, then the frequency of oscillation of its potential energy is 36.

If an electron oscillates at a frequency of 1 GHz, it gives : A. X-rays B. Micro-waves C. Infra-red rays 37. Earth’s atmosphere is richest in A.

Ultra-violet rays B. Infra-red rays C. X-rays D. Micro-waves 38.

Cathode rays consist of A. Photons B. Electrons C.

Protons D. A -particles 39. A body of mass ml is moving with a velocity V. It collides with another stationary system A.

Increases B. Decreases but does not become zero C. Remains same D. Becomes zero 40. One projectile moving with velocity V in space, gets burst into 2 parts of masses in the ratio 1:2. The smaller part becomes stationary. What is the velocity of the other art ?

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