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Do the following:A young girl’s case drew national attention and fueled debate as a fierce court battle unfolded betweendevastated family members fighting to keep her on a ventilator and doctors arguing she’d already died.Family members say the eighth-grader was alert and talking after doctors removed her tonsils, adenoidsand extra sinus tissue in a surgery. The young girl went through the surgery fine and was awake, alertand talking. Not long after the surgery, the young girl began bleeding profusely, went into cardiac arrest,and is now brain dead.  From what you have learned in the material this week, answer the following questions.• Ethically, is brain death not as final as cardiac death? Why or why not?•This all depends on what the doctor’s, courts, judges, and families decide on what death actually is for said patient.

Furthermore, the brain is such a complex organ with several different hemispheres, nobody really knows all the mysteries the brain has to hold, and nobody knows if it is possible for the brain to heal that much damage to a body over time.• How does the Prudent Person Rule apply in this case?•Yes this does apply to the case because this young girl came into the hospital for a simple surgery removing her tonsils, adenoids, and extra sinus tissues. And was shortly determined brain dead after beginning to bleed profusely, and went through cardiac arrest, meaning the serious dysfunction of an organ.• In your opinion, could this tragedy have been prevented? If so, how?•In this case I don’t know the specifics of this said case, because there is so many missing pieces between pre-op and post-op that I’m unsure of how this actually happened to determine if this tragedy could have been prevented.

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