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McCoy When I first began my steps in my educational Journey I started at World of Wonder School in Residence Park. I attended world of wonder from kindergarten all the way until seventh grade. The beginning stages of my education that I can remember is back when I was in kindergarten. My teacher back then was Mrs.

.. Wilson who I believe was a good teacher. She was a good teacher because she always had patience with all of her students. She was also a good teacher because whenever one of the children didn’t cooperate with what she wanted she didn’t want to embarrass hem in front of all the students.She would pull out however is in trouble away from everyone else and talked to the children privately which showed she had compassion. Yet overall I would say she was one of the best teachers who could deal with children of different attitudes.

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In first grade my teacher name was Mr… Kennedy who wasn’t necessarily a bad teacher I Just think he wasn’t very interesting. He did have some very nice skills on how he would get students to understand the content that he is trying to teach.

He as also very kind hearted and a mellow person who did not rarely get upset.A few reasons he wasn’t an excellent teacher is because he did not know how to control his class. Another reason he was not a great teacher is because he did not really talk to us while we were in his class. Mr..

. Kennedy was one of the only teachers who believed in the content he was teaching and knew an extensive amount of it. In the second grade my teacher was Ms.

Weighing. She is without a doubt one of my favorite teachers. She is one of my favorite teachers because when I was youngerI did not know how to read at a second grade level. So every other weekend I would go up to the school and she would help me with developing my reading skills. Another reason she was one of my favorite teacher is because no matter what the students said they wanted to be when they get older she never shot our hopes down. She did this because she would always say that she is living her dream by playing for the Dayton flyers. When I started the third the grade my teacher my teacher name was Ms.

Mack. She was an all-around good teacher.Some good qualities she had as a teacher was that hat she always called situations between students down the middle and did not show any forms of favoritism. She was Just like my kindergarten teacher who always treated kids with respect and never tried to put them on blast in front of everyone. Yet she also had very bad qualities of being a teacher. One of these qualities was that she was very gullible teacher who could be easily taken advantage of. Then the year started the fourth grade was one of the hardest school year I have ever had because of problems with my mother’s health.My fourth grade teacher name was Mr.

.. Roar. He was one of the most intense and determined teacher I had in elementary school. I believe he was like this because he was a retired army sergeant and football player. He always said that boys could always cry and give up but men have to stop the crying and stay strong to support their family. My fifth grade teacher was Ms.

Franks who might be the only influential female teacher I have ever had in mines especially. She proved to me that actions speak louder than words.She pushed me to always try and strive for excellence no matter what I do in the future. Even when all of the students started to complain because all of the other classes got to have free days on Friday and go to the gym she made everyone stay in the room and read books together. Yet know as I am older and I reflect on what her teaching method helped her students I thank her for not being a gym teacher. She was an educator who always feed off the energy that the children gave her. My first year I had more than one teacher and switched classrooms was in the sixth grade.

My sixth grade teacher name was Mrs… Sharp and I believe that she didn’t like me because she ad both of my cousins a few years before. No matter what I did in her class I would always get in trouble.

I can come into the room and make a Joke and I would be threatened to get a five day suspension. Yet if a white student were to come in and cause a disturbance she would Just turn the other way and not even acknowledge that. The other teacher that I had while I was in the sixth grade was Mrs…

Patton who always tried to keep everything she was teaching in simplest forms.She was also a good reflective practitioner because she always thinks, acts, and rethinks when caching her students. After that sixth grade year at world of wonder I transferred to Richard Allen Schools Downtown Campus for middle school. My seventh and eighth grade teachers were Mrs…

Denton, Mr… Johnson, and Ms. Baker. Mrs..

. Denton was a teacher who always grabbed life by the horns and took a hand full and always had a good attitude for whatever she was doing. Mr.

.. Johnson was a teacher who wanted nothing else but excellent. He always wanted for all of his students to strive to learn more and more each day.Lastly my teacher was Ms.

Baker who was one of the most donuts science teachers that I have ever had. I can understand and remember everything that she taught me that year. After my first year at Richard Allen schools I began to feel like I am getting more pushed into doing work than I was at World of Wonder Schools. I had all of the same teachers that taught me in the seventh grade with the inclusion of Mrs.

.. Curry, and Ms. Annals. Ms.

Curry was the type of teacher that was always trying to help all of her student’s weather they asked for it or not. Mrs..

. Annals was nowhere near the same or had similarities Ms.Curry, the only time it mimed like she would help her students is if the principal or someone from the state comes in and began to evaluate her. After I graduated from Richard Allen I choose to attend Throughout Marshall High School as a freshman. When I came in as a freshman I thought that I could Just skate my way through all of the four years but I realized it wasn’t that easy. My first year as a high school student was one of the most exciting school year I had thus far in my educational Journey because when you enter high school you meet a lot of new people and meet lifelong friends.

My freshman teachers were Mr… Chart, Mr..

. English, and Mrs..

. Chapman. Mr…

Chart was a very good math teacher but I am guessing it would be hard for him to try and control a group of freshman. Mr… Chart is a reflective practitioner because whenever one of my classmates did not understand some of the material that he was teaching he would stop what he was doing and try and give that student one on one help. Mr…

English was also a very good teacher that I had freshman year who always called things down the middle and was not trying to beat around the bush with hisMy final teacher I would like to discuss from my freshman year is Mrs… Chapman who didn’t really teach the students anything they didn’t already know.

She always had her student teacher discuss the lesson plans to the students while she Just sat at her desk for the whole period. Even when the students had questions she would Just say that you shouldn’t be talking while the class was discussing the content. The last grade I would like to discuss is my sophomore year with one of my favorite teachers Ms. Day.She is one of my favorite teachers because she never holds rugged between students and doesn’t get into arguments with students. Ms. Day is also a reflective practitioner because when she begins to use big words and her students don’t understand them she will stop think about what she Just said then put it in simpler terms so that everybody can understand what she is talking about. She was also willing to go the extra mile and help a lot of student’s sophomores, Juniors, or seniors to pass their Sot’s, even going the extra mile as having a practice group in the morning.

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