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Mid-Life Crisis Midlife Crisis Bob just turned forty. He has trouble relating to his kids, and wonders if his life has any meaning anymore. His wife of twenty years has just divorced him, and he can?t seem to fight the bouts of depression that attack him, especially at night. There is a common name for this widespread problem. Bob is having a mid-life crisis. As we learned at the beginning of our course, the most common view among psychologists currently is the life-span development perspective.

This is why I decided to work with a topic that would most likely not have been studied 40 years ago. What exactly causes this problem, how it affects the relationships a person has with others, and whether it only affects men are all issues to be discussed from a look at some articles in several accredited psychology magazines. The first article is ?Mid-life Crisis: Helping Patients Cope With Stress, Anxiety, and Depression?. The article presents a fictional case report of a person the psychologists call John who cannot seem to escape from the ?sandwich? of problems associated with his adult children and the needs of his aging parents.

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