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Microsoft Timeline

October 1997 ? In October of 1997, the Justice Department sued the Microsoft Corporation, alleging the software maker required computer manufacturers to ship Microsofts Internet Explorer Web browser on PCs loaded with Windows 95. Attorney General Janet Reno also asks a federal court to impose penalties of $1 million per day.In December of that same year, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued a preliminary injunction forcing Microsoft to stop, at least temporarily, requiring manufacturers who sell Windows 95 to install Microsofts Internet Explorer. Microsoft appealed. In May of 1998, regulators from the Justice Department and 20 states launch one of the biggest antitrust assaults of the century, accusing Microsoft of using its dominance in computer software to drive competitors out of business. The filing comes after negotiations between the government and Microsoft officials break down

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Nov. 5, 1999 – U.S. District Court judge finds that Microsoft holds monopoly power in the market for PC operating systems, and the companys actions harmed consumers.

Nov. 19, 1999 – District Court judge appoints federal appeals judge, Richard Posner, to serve as a mediator to handle the negotiations between Microsoft and the government.

April 1, 2000 – Judge Posner announces the end of negotiations between Microsoft

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