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Medium used – Indicator used – your results Part Ill – All the test done As many pages as needed to do a complete job. N this section you are ascribing in detail all the tests that was done( all of the chemistry and biochemical reactions) color change that indicates negative results with explanation which means the substrate, enzyme, products, media, indicator and negative and positive result – the enzyme that are needed for the reaction to take place – indicate what role of medium in the reaction is -what reagent is needed to identify the final product Part IV – discussion of Results -as many pages as needed to do a complete job this is the most important part of the report.

Discuss in a logical and step by step how you concluded that you had a certain microorganism. If you had gram negative organism you need to explain which organisms were part of the study and how you eliminated three of them. To convince your reader you need phrases like; – This negative result” suggested ” that my organism is Protests Vulgarism – this negative result “confirmed or Reaffirmed” that the organism is Protests Vulgarism Part V (one page) significance of your particular organism: – Pathogenic, resident flora, or opportunist organism – Disease caused -Symptoms – Treatment – Other related information NOTE: Science writing is brief, concise and down to the point.

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