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Michelle Phan is one of the most independent, influential, and successful women in the world. Currently 30 years old, with a net worth of $50 million, Michelle Phan is about to relaunch her own line of cosmetics. She has her own Youtube channel and has co-founded multiple companies. She was the first woman to build a $500 million company from a web series. However, before all of this, she was just a average college student, with no clue of what the universe had set out for her.

Her journey began in 2007. She was a girl living in Boston, Massachusetts with a great love for art and makeup. On her own, she started her very first Youtube channel. She posted makeup tutorials, sharing advice on beauty, and soon she was bombarded with comments that urged and encouraged her to make more. Eventually, she uploaded almost 400 videos.After a while, Buzzfeed, a internet media company, discovered one of her tutorials, “How to get Lady Gaga’s Eyes”. They featured her on one of their videos, which helped further boosted her popularity.

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Her Youtube channel was ranked #48 in popularity and now she has over 9 million subscribers and her videos have been viewed 1.1 billion times. Michelle Phan is passionate about what she does.

She communicates through a screen, inspiring people. “Makeup is not a mask that covers our beauty; it is a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside” she said in one of YouTube videos. She tells everyone to feel beautiful about themselves, and a lot of people are influenced by her.

It was after only three years, in 2010, that a huge cosmetic company, Lancôme, offered her a job as their official video makeup artist. This brought her huge opportunities. She became the first Vietnamese cosmetics spokesperson, acting as Lancôme’s representative not only in the United States but also around the world. Her YouTube business is now reportedly worth $48 million. In recent years, Michelle Phan has continued on to build her fame and popularity. She co-founded a monthly beauty product subscription service, called “MyGlam” in 2011, later known as “Ipsy”. her first company in 2011, called “MyGlam”, which is a monthly beauty products subscription service, later on named “Ipsy”.

It has become the world’s largest online beauty community, with more than 1.5 million subscribers. Michelle Phan has won many awards, including Streamy Award for Inspiration Icon Award and Shorty Award for Best Youtube Guru, both in 2014. She was nominated multiple times in Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty, and in Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Female. In September 2014, Michelle Phan partnered with Cutting Edge Group to launch Shift Music Group. In the same year, she also published a book called “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success”, with Random House, which was a huge success. In 2013, Michelle Phan worked with L’Oreal, another makeup company, to launch her own cosmetic line.

Named “Em”, it was dedicated to her mother, but the company was not as successful as her other projects. People called the products cheap and a waste of money. There was even a Reddit forum dedicated on hating it. “I was bullied,” Phan said in one of her interviews with Teen Vogue, a magazine company. After the failure of “Em”, Phan decided to take a hiatus. She was going through a period of depression and felt that there was too much pressure on her and she felt broken inside. “I need myself to think great.

I need to feel great, and I don’t feel great right now,” she said. She packed one suitcase and flew away to Europe and Africa without telling a single soul. She completely cut herself off from any social media.

“It is really scary,” she said, “because you can become irrelevant. If you don’t upload a video or stay updated, within a month you’re irrelevant. People forget about you because there’s so much happening online.” This experience turned out to be good for her, and made her feel reconnected with herself. When Michelle Phan returned back to L.A, she said she expected it to be different, but it wasn’t. The only thing that was different was herself.

“I didn’t come back the same.” she said, “I came back changed and different. I saw things differently. I have more clarity… And I think we’re just at the beginning of a lot of change that’s going to happen.

“Currently, Michelle Phan is relaunching her company “Em”. L’Oreal’s president, Carol Hamilton, made the decision to sell “Em” to Ipsy, which Michelle Phan co-founded. She is excited and passionate about the relaunch and she wants to show people how different she is now.

“Em is going to be an introduction of my evolution,” she said. “I’m changing, and I want to show people that it’s okay to change and to grow. So many people want to stay the same forever. The only constant in life is change.

We need to embrace it.” Michelle Phan inspires many and she has been victorious even through the worst of times. She’s strong and never gives up even when life’s not going her way, and she going to come back stronger than ever.

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