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Another error can affect the result of the experiment was that letting the volume of EDIT excess the ending point; so that the volume of EDIT as overplay that lead error. The last source of error was that our unknown sample had high percentage in mass of MGM+, so that we need more than 50 ml of EDIT( which was the capability of the burette) to reach the end point. We had to refill the burette while measuring; and also the large volume of solution made the color harder to recognize the end point. That also led to error.

Discussion: The experiment was successfully achieved the purpose of this lab: to determine the concentration of MGM+ using complexities titration. During the experiment, the color in the unknown solution was successfully changed from red to blue showing that EDIT decompose BET-MGM+ solution and form the EDIT-MGM+ complex. By calculation, we can calculate the percent in mass of MGM+ in unknown solution. The experiment can be modified to avoid some errors by lower the mass of unknown sample, so we don’t need to refill the burette and the small volume of EDIT is better to recognize the end point.

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Conclusion: Determination the concentration of magnesium in EDIT solution is an important reoccurred to valuate metal ions in water which can cause hardness in water. This is important because, the water works department sometime need to measure what substances are in water for safe tap water consumption to the public. The experiment is achieved its goal to determine the concentration of MGM+ in the solution. The result was met the expectation of the experiment changing the solution color from red to blue and success to calculate the mass percent of MGM in the solution based on the data collected during experiment.

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