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Metamorphosis Essay

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PART 1- During adolescence many important and tragic events occur. All of them evoke some type of emotion and at times it gets confusing what exactly is going on. This is why the teenage experience can be defined as a whirlwind of emotions. Love, friendship, betrayal, deceit these are just a few of the many emotions that race through a teenagers being. Many think that teens now have it easy, but they really do not. For instance, teens have to endure the trials and tribulations of relationships, school, religion, domestic occurrences. Constant struggles with their own beliefs whether they are external or internal. Too many things are happening at once and they do not know how to handle or even approach them??.though another definition for the teenage experience is evolution. At the beginning of the teen years there are a lot of new feelings and changes, but as time passes teens begin to get new perspectives on life. Trial and error helps them cope with the issues. After a whil!
e they learn how to deal with their whirlwinds. They learn to calm and control them by using their past experiences. The level of maturity evolves.

PART 2 – The two

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