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Mental health is essential in normal life living. Mental health conditions can however happen to any individual at whichever point in time of living. When an individual is free of stress worry and psychological problems this individual lives life to the fullest. Transitional care involves a number of services and activities that are meant to ensure safe and timely passage of patients between levels of care. Mental health care is important in transitioning patients from one level to another.

The care should be of very high quality to ensure that there is no breakdown during the transfer.This is so because the next level might be unfamiliar and the patient will find difficulties in adjusting to the new conditions. Breakdown is a major setback to the recovery process. This specifically affects adult patients who have other health complications apart from mental conditions. The role of transitional care is to help patients adapt to the next level which is usually closer to the recovery process and the care givers in that level.

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This ensures progressive growth to recovery which is the ultimate goal in this process. The next stage might not be so friendly to the patients.This is because they have not been in the situation before and further do not understand why they are in that place. This is where caregivers come in. They ensure proper transitional care through effective communication complete transfer of information, proper knowledge of the situation at hand and ensure access to essential services to ensure continuity of care all contribute. Care is important to ensure continued upward growth. Caregivers influence recovery because they are the main point men and are involved in important decision making.Therefore transitional care in mental health is very essential for complete recovery.

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