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With more than 320 affiliate nationwide, we represent a growing movement of Americans who promote mental wellness for the health and well being of the nation, every day, and in a time of crisis (2007 Mental Health America). As an organization, Mental Health America has been around for nearly a century.

We began work in 1909 when Clifford W. Beers, a young business man who struggled with a mental illness and shared his story with the world in his autobiography “A Mind That Found Itself,” created a national citizens’ group to promote mental health and improve conditions for children and adults living with these health problems. It was a revolutionary act and attracted prominent national leaders of the time, including the philosopher William James and the Rockefeller family (2007 National Health America).

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In this essay I will be discussing Mental Health America and how its services are provided, how its entity is contributed, and future trends of Mental Health America will impact. Mental Health America has several services; each is carefully researched the best at what one does. Mental Health America are individuals who have experienced and fellow humans with problems or addictions. Advocates, who see mental health as a public health and social justice issue. Mental Health care professionals who believe recovery should be first.

Primary care doctors and nurses who see patient’s everyday with poor mental health. Mental Health America school officials who aid in children who have emotional needs, which are not met. We are Republican, Democrats, and Independent voters who view mental health as people issues and are not bytes to one. Public officials attempting to make change from within the government system. Active duty military, veterans, and families who know the stress of combat, and the effects it has on there families. There are so many services offered in Mental Health America I could go on and on.

These services provide help for just about any cause and have trained highly professionals to meet our needs. Mental Health America Contribute Today, protecting and strengthening our ‘mental health’ could not be more important. With our quick pace, 24/7 culture, we face more stress from our daily lives than before. Many of us work extended hours or multiple jobs, and take fewer vacations. In fact, one in three American employees is chronically overworked. The line between work and home life is often blurred so home is no longer a place of rest.

Sleep and exercise feel like luxuries. We are eating poorly more often. We are constantly bombarded with information. We are also more disconnected from family, friends, and neighbors, and less engaged in our communities than we use to be. Trusting in one another has steadily declined over the last 30 years. Children aren’t immune either; many are racing from on activity to another without any downtime. (2007 Mental Health America. ) Mental Health America contributes to the successful management of health care resources.

Mental Health America wants our nation’s schools, businesses, health care systems to have knowledge and resources they need to respond to the mental health of their constituencies and achieve their missions. Americans to afford prescription drugs and treatment for there diseases. People with disabling mental illnesses to receive the support, treatment and services that they need to recover and live full lives in there communities. More research and services focused on prevention, recovery, and cures.

Mental Health America have a lot of good contributes and managements all around the world but they need more, and are working very hard to obtain more. Mental health America helps thousands in need of a helping hand in our country. Mental Health America has tested techniques that help children and adults stay resilient to and able to manage threats to their mental health. We have effective treatments that combat the symptoms of mental illness. We have community programs that help people recover more quickly and get back to their lives.

We have model policies that are working to support long-term resilience, recovery, and empowerment. What we lack is a national response commensurate to the magnitude of the issue (2007 Mental Health America). Mental Health America Future Trends Mental Health America future trends on impacting health care in the United States will need to change for our future. Meaning our nation, the people in it need to be more aware of mental health issues and how they are affecting us, and our children. Mental health America has many plains to meet our future trends, and needs more support to due so.

There goals are to get out and educate the public schools about ways to preserve and strengthen mental health. Mental Health America wants to support the 60+ million individuals and families living with mental health and substance problems. Guide more research, practice, services, and policy to those who do not have them. Mental health wants more access to effective care and end discrimination against people with mental and addictive disorders. Conclusion Whatever the source of the threat, how able we are to deal with these challenges can positively or negatively impact our ‘mental health,’ overall health and well being.

When considering all the ways it can affect each of us and our society, the issue of ‘mental health’ amounts to the largest public health and economic concern in the country (2007 Mental Health America.) Mental Health America is the leading nonprofit dedicated to all people to help them live healthier lives. It has been around forever and is still growing, it’s services have saved many lives and put many people back in their life. Its research and better cause are growing they are seeking for answers and primarily think education should be one of the number one things happening in our country.

The constant battle for more resources, education, labs, treatment is ongoing most people in America do not have awareness of all the problems going on with health care. References American Psychological Association (n. d. ), APA style electronic references. Retrieved August 25, 2007, from http://www. apastyle. org/elecref. html Merriam, S. B. & Carrarella, R. S. (2001). Biological and psychological development. In EDD 511 adult learning theories, principles and applications (p. 1-12). United States: Wiley Custom Services. 2007 Mental Health America Retrieved August 22,2007 data base www. mentalhealthamerica. net

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