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For some years mental illnesses have grown rapidly. Many people suffer with mental illnesses and keep it to themselves. It is very obvious that some have mental problems and other people it is not so obvious because they take medications to function normal on a day to day basis. According to a new government report, “one in five American adults has experienced mental illness in the last year, with mental illness being more than twice as high among younger adults (ages 18 to 25) than older adults (age 50 and older)” (www. huffingtonpost.

com). Some people are afraid of getting professional help for mental illness. Why? One most important factor is because people lack recognition that he/she has mental disorder. The first step of treating mental illness is admitting that a mental illness exists. Earlier recognitions of mental illness are known to produce stigma. People feel a sense of disgrace once people are aware they have mental issues going on. Also, about four in 10 people (39. 2 percent) received services to help them with their mental illness, and 60.

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8 percent of people with a serious mental illness received services (Jorm, A. F. (2012). Mental health aide have a variety of task but are to hold certain responsibility as well as making sure they are in regulation with the NOHSE to make sure confidentiality and requirements for the job are being enforced. The cause of mental illnesses varies. A mental illness could be hereditary, meaning that it is passed down through generations. Also a mental illness can affect a person feelings and thoughts where it affects social integration with other people and may cause personal harm.

“Serious mental illnesses include major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and borderline personality disorder. The good news about mental illness is that recovery is possible (www. nami. org). ” Most people who experience mental illnesses have to go through an individual treatment plan. The plan will definitely include medication. Along with medication a person that suffers with mental illness should visit therapy and also communicate with support groups on a regular basis.

Therapy and counseling would give knowledge of principles, methods and procedures for diagnosis and treatments. If mental illnesses go without treatment a person may experience unemployment, homeliness, unnecessary incarceration or even commit suicide. Clinical care is offered by many of mental health professions. Mental health patients are assessed by clinical social workers or mental health aides. | | Mental health aides are referred to as psychiatric aides or psychiatric nursing in which they have a lot of responsibilities.

Mental health aid work in institutions for brain injured, aged, mental ill, development handicapped, and physical ill. A mental health aide provide care for mentally and physically ill, disabled or injured person who is confined to the hospital, nursing home or mental health settings. They provide this assistant under the direct supervision of health care professionals that care for mentally ill patients. They are responsible for helping patients to dress, bathe, groom themselves and eat. Mental health aid socializes with them and they also help them in educational and recreational activities.

Mental aide will escort patients to and from different appointments and examinations. They also assist in maintain a safe and clean environment for patients. Professionals have to observe patient and note and report any kind of abnormal ices. They have to teach daily living skills to patients as well. As a primary care giver, mental aides are to help patients in daily planning and making sound and profound decisions. Mental aide usually has a great amount of influence on patients. They have just as much influences as a teacher would have on a student().

In order for a person to take on the responsibility of a mental health aide they have to have certain qualities and characteristics. Personal characteristics that are important for this job are a stable personality and the ability to work well with people as well as motivate to help others. A person must have patient and tolerance because they will encounter different situations that call for understanding of the patient’s illness. They will need a high tolerance because sometimes dealing with mentally ill patients could be like dealing with children. Patients may do something that they know is wrong.

Being a mental health aide a person will have to use their physical strength and ability to help patients maneuver around. Not only would the aide help them move around their place of living, they would also help them get around other places. A professional will have to stay calm even when they come across situations that may be very stressful. Mental health aide should be prepared to perform physically demanding work. Their caseloads are often overflowing; they do a great deal of standing and walking and may do quite a bit of heavy lifting, which requires them to be trained in specific lifting and moving techniques.

Mental health aide’s empty bedpans change soiled bed linens and help to redirect confused, disoriented or combative patients. Aides must expect to deal with patients whose illnesses cause them to become violent (Perry, P. A. 1996). Mental health has to have control of their emotions at all times. Great observation is another characteristic a mental health aid should have. They have to be able to observe their patient and know exactly when their behavior, mood, even their health changes. Not only do they observe but they have to keep record of all of their observations.

Paper work is necessary in this field. Professionals will fill out numerous of paper work for facilities and patient. Mental health aide is a job that a person should really like to do if they decide to work in the field. The National Organization for Human Service known as the NOHSE set the standards for Mental Health Aide and all human service workers. Human service workers are to uphold all of the standards while they are performing work. The golden rule attribute in human’s services is integrity. According to Webster, integrity is a firm obedience to a code of especially moral or artistic value (www.merrian-webster. com).

If a person has integrity in their work ethics they will not do things that don’t promote and encourage patients. Human service professional have so many jobs into one. They are also responsible for so many things. Not only do they have to build and keep a relationship with their client, they may also develop a relationship with families and groups within the community. They have the job of being a caregiver, case manager, teacher, behavior coach, consultant, advocate, community outreach and the list goes on.

Human services workers should make sure that in the case of any danger of harm that should occur to the client that they seek protection in a professional manner. This may even mean that the confidentiality rule is broken. The human service worker should make sure the client know the purpose and goals of the relationship that is being developed. The relationship that is developing should remain professional at all times. The client should understand the worker role and then should be explained the limitation of the relationship. The client has right to privacy and confidentiality.

It should be explained that under the circumstances of harm being caused to client or others the confidentiality may be broken. In the human service field confidentiality is something that people really depend on. It is the founding principle the relationship is built upon. This agreement is between the worker and the client. Personal identification such as name, address, phone number can’t be shared with anyone. This is considered private information and having access to it or releasing it to others is prohibited by law (Harris, H. , Maloney, D., & Rother, F. 2004).

The Privacy Act was a law served in 1974. Third parties may reach out to companies as partnerships to help clients however companies still can’t share this sensitive information. Clients would have to be the one to release information. A patient who is mentally ill have to have someone who is responsible to make certain decision as it relates to their health. All other information is private. In conclusion, mental health will probably rise over the next couple of years therefore the mental health aide job will still exist.

Even with advance technology, clients still need someone their physically to help. Mental health aide takes on so many responsibilities. Patients actually see them more than they see anybody else. Some patient’s families rely heavily on mental health aides to make sure their love one is being properly taken care of. Mental health aides not only have responsibilities but they have to have certain distinctiveness in order to maintain a job in this field. The job is not for everybody; however it is for the person that has a heart to help people.

The people you help may not have knowledge of you doing right or wrong. It is up to the individual person in order to withhold integrity. References Castle, N. G. , PhD. , & Myers, S. (2006). Mental health care deficiency citations in nursing homes and caregiver staffing. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 33(2), 215-25. doi: http://dx. doi. org/10. 1007/s10488-006-0038-2 Harris, Howard S. , David C. Maloney, Franklyn M. Rother. (2004). Human Services: Contemporary Issues and Trends, 3rd Edition.

Pearson Learning Solutions. Boston: Pearson. ISBN: 0205327702. Jorm, A. F. (2012). Mental health literacy: Empowering the community to take action for better mental health. American Psychologist, 67(3), 231-243. doi:10. 1037/a0025957 Perry, P. A. (1996). Opportunities in Mental Health Careers. VGM Career Horizons SCHULTE SCOTT, J. (1999). Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security: Protecting `Personally Identifiable Information’. Hfm (Healthcare Financial Management), 53(3), 26. www. nami. org www. merrian-webster. com

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