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Market Manor Addition of new members: Markets display functions very similar to humans. The markets top female, Flower is the only who reproduces and has babies. For example Flower does not want other females having babies because this could Jeopardize the chances of survival for her baby markets. Markets mate the same way humans do which is another similarity to the human race. Physical care and maintenance: The markets take care of each other by grooming each other to rid themselves of parasites.

Another example that shows care towards fellow markets is when Shakespeare is bitten by a puff adder his sisters are by his side to comfort him as he struggles to survive. Colonization of children: The markets display human like social patterns when around humans. Flower lets her babies out of the hole to explore and look around once they’re old enough. They are highly social, with family issues that humans may recognize. They are complicated enough to have individual personalities and have different roles within he group.

The emerges show anger, confusion and fear in specific situations, much like humans would. Behavior: Markets show behavior and social control much like humans by setting roles and discipline towards fellow markets. For example, when the teenage markets take the market pup and abandon him they get in trouble afterwards. Much like if a human teen abandoned a baby on the street, they too would certainly be in trouble and disciplined.

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Mitch takes care of the babies and hides them deep in the burrow when anger strikes showing control over the market babies. Love: Many of the markets display love towards each other Just like humans would. Flower takes care of her babies and shows them love by raising them into smart adult markets. The markets rub the hind ends together against other markets to declare ownership or dominance. You could compare that to the human tradition of getting married, claiming someone for the rest of your life. Q 2.

The Whiskers family most resembles a common-law type family. I believe this because the definition of a common law family states, “Families in which the partners live together as spouses without legally marrying. For example, markets cannot legally get married seeing as they are animals. Also, the markets do live together in the same burrow which also fits under the common law family definition. Markets could never be a nuclear family because they could never be husband and wife. Market Manor. By Jeeps

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