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The Medieval Times began in the year 476 and ended in 1492, it lasted for approximately thousand years. Fashion back then was not about a wide choice like we have today. Materials used were much coarser and there were far fewer colors. Clothing during the medieval period was also restricted to the social status one belonged to. In general clothes were made from local materials such as wool, leather, wood clay and iron.

Fur was regularly used to line the garments of the wealthy. Taffeta, velvet, damask are all various fabrics which weren’t available in the Middle Age period.These fabrics made out Of materials such as silk, cotton and linen. All of their cloths were hand sewn. Poorer women wore dull colored dresses made out of wool. The colors ranged from dark, brown or grey. They also wore stockings and leather shoes. This didn’t change so much throughout the Medieval period.

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Only the rich people could afford to follow fashion, as it was very expensive to buy fashionable clothes at the beginning of the Medieval Times. But in later times people couldn’t tell the difference Beethoven nobles and townspeople so King Edward the 3rd brought in a law saying who could wear what.In the asses nobles wore first-class clothes where laws were passed down for merchants to back off dressing like nobles.

However many people ignored these laws. Apparently nobles took it as a threat towards their position. During the 1 Tooth-l lath century in Europe brooches were the most popular jewelry item. Brooches were made out of gold and gemstones.

One of the more popular brooches was called Celtic brooch. It was made from high quality secular metalwork from Early Medieval Celtic art. Pap were long silky robes colored red and purple, to show how wealthy they were. However only the royalty were allowed to wear the colors red and purple.

These usually happened to be wrapped over at the front and were fastened with sashes, belts or hooks and would be worn with loose trousers. They were popular from 960 to 1279. Jewelry was a way of showing how rich and important people were. Some examples include earrings, rings, brooches and necklaces. In particular rings were popular in the asses. Jewelry back then was pretty much made out the same sorts we would use in the 21st century such as gold, silver, gems and pearls. Gold was seen as the most valuable and impressive metal preferred y the rich, and silver gilt jewelry was more suitable for the less wealthy.During the early Medieval Times most people decided to wear woolen clothing with undergarments made of linen.

Brighter colors, better materials and a longer jacket length were usually signs of greater wealth. But in the cooler seasons the noble people wore extra layers to keep themselves warm. To keep their hair in place they would wear barrettes, caps with nets. Near the end of the Medieval Ages flowing gowns and elaborate header ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts to butterflies, all the headpieces became more elaborate over time.

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