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Life provides different opportunities for us at different time and situation. I looked back at my past years and consider what actually threw me on this path, and then I realized it wasn’t just a mere interest but several life experiences leading to passion to care for the body and mind. I remember as an inspired 8 year old boy, I was always fascinated by astronomy, the Milky Ways, rocket ships and the formation of Galaxy, I could tell you everything about the constellations in the sky and even show the big dipper through my telescope.The opportunity I had studying the nature of sky with my little telescope broadens enhanced my analytical skills hence I started analyzing situations and events critically subsequently changing my perception about life and reality.

My desire to actually broaden my horizons led me into reading various teachings and writings on philosophy and evolution and how the subject affects human as a creature and the transformation of the first bipedal creature overtime to the modern Homo sapiens.During this period of exploring the subject of philosophy and evolution, I developed a keen interest in appreciating human body, the cellular composition and molecular biology. These experiences in those subject areas changed my orientation in exploring outer space to the actual needs of humans on earth making me believe that though there are unlimited potential for technological advancement, there is still so much we can do on the earth planet which will all benefits mankind.

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In the pursuit of providing human needs, I set out in college to actually determine if choosing medicine as a career can actually provide some of the basic human needs, three years later I could say with utmost confidence and certainty that I have been born to give help to my fellow man as a physician, energized with an internal reservoir of passion and charisma which serves as motivating factors daily. My passion and charisma can be attributed to my experiences I had when I was in college.The experience I had At Franklin hospital is without a doubt one of the motivating factor and I can consider it as the greatest I ever had in life. I participated as one of the candidates of the summer scientific work program (SSWP) where I had the privilege of working with most brilliant physicians I have ever met Including Dr.

Rubenstein, Dr. Hedayati, and Dr. Carpio. My passion and motivation for choosing medicine as a career was buffered by the experience I had with Dr.

Carpio who was the director of psychiatry.Several colleagues of mine and I was with Dr. Carpio in his office during his interviews several psychiatric patients. But the most interesting of all the cases we were opportune to see was that of Brad W. , a 62 year old male that was transferred from Syosset hospital as a result of attempted suicide when he was abandoned by wife and children. Before the patient enters into his office, he actually told us part of the history and that the rejection by Brad’s family made him develops severe depression. Dr.Carpio skillful interaction with Brad as soon as he was wheeled in made a profound impact on me, they interact as if they’ve been old pals for years, when in reality they met a day before.

Brad actually explained that the mental state of depression made him want to end his life but he later become regretful of his action. Occasionally Dr. Carpio would make him laugh and motivate him that everything will be alright and that he is been given the best care at the right place. At the end of the interview, Brad turned around as he’s been wheeled out of the office to say “Dr.Carpio, you guys made a big difference in my life” with a contented smile on his face. From the gamut of academic and non academic experiences I had while growing up, I have learnt the value of communication skills. Being older and more mature now, I realize that the phrase common at my childhood days that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is absolutely wrong! Words are powerful and can have dramatic repercussions on an individual, both positively and negatively. One of the major lessons I learned from working at the SSWP program from Dr.

Carpio, is the importance of establishing a personal, humanistic relationship with your patient, so they can have the comfort of trusting you as their physician. Other experiences I had at the internship program at the hospital, was in the areas of emergency room, ICU/CCU, pathology, geriatrics and psychiatry. I also had the opportunity of seeing some state-of-the-art, technologically advanced medical procedures such as laparoscopic surgeries being conducted by general surgeons as well as less invasive interventional radiology procedures.Having learned so much from the doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs in other departments, I came to realization that my experiences with astrology, philosophy, evolution and human nature are all preparing me to this challenge in giving a helping hand to humanity. I also realize that hospital is actually a huge entity comprised of an ensemble of quasi-independent units that are dependent on one another to function effectively.

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