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Medical Assistant industry is will be growing 31% through 2020. The Medical Assistants are important because they assist the physicians in either clinical or administrative tasks. Most Medical Assistants can be found in the hospital or clinic. Medical Assistant usually has advanced training, although it is not required for entry level positions. This certification or advanced training includes Certified Medical Assistants (CMA), Registered Medical Assistants (RMA), Certified Phlebotomy Technicians, and EKG Technicians.

My major that I have chosen at ECPI University is Medical Assistant. Growing up in a family full of medical majors is very hectic because everyone is trying to top each other. I have chosen the Medical Assistant field because I have always wanted to do something in the medical industry since I was 8 years old. Plus, majoring in Medical Assistant field is a head start in my future medical career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assistant jobs are expected to grow 31% much faster than average through the year 2020 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012).

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There is always a need of medical workers no matter where you are in the United. Most medical assistants usually work in the hospital, clinics or physician office. In 2010, more than half of all medical assistants worked in physicians’ offices (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Medical assistant workers usually work about 40 hours a week and some weekends. All medical assistant workers usually work in a clean, neat, and ventilated office; which makes it a more comfortable working environment. The medical assistant employees basically have no free time. They are always on the go.

They are either interacting with patients or they may even handle a lot responsibilities at once. Jobs that relate to medical assistant include EKG technicians, clinical and administrative. EKG technicians are most likely to specialize in monitoring the patient’s heart performance by using an electrode wire attached to the patient’s body or chest. These wire record the electrical impulse, which is being transmitted by the patient heart through an EKG. You may have different responsibilities while working as a medical assistant. These responsibilities include administrative and clinical tasks.

The administrative duties include updating files and patient’s records so that everything is up to date. Other duties include booking appointments, answering telephone calls, and filling out patient’s information on the insurance forms. The duties of clinical medical assistants depend on the state that you are working in. These duties can vary. Some duties include preparing patients for examinations, getting patient’s information in writing, drawing blood if it is required, taking vitals, giving the proper medication to patients, collecting lab specimens, and taking x-rays when needed.

Medical assistant salaries vary from state to state. The average annual salary of medical assistants was $28,860 in May 2010. The average wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $20,810, and the top 10 percent earned more than $40,190 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Just keep in mind that the numbers are still increasing periodically due to the fact that there are going to be more job opening in the field.

States like Hawaii, California, and Alaska have the highest annual salaries with the hourly rate averaging from a minimum of $16. 85 and annual salary at about $32,240. These states are followed by, Northwest Central states paying, an average hourly rate of $15. 53. The Middle Atlantic States are paid on average annual salary of $30,256 (Unadug. net, 2012, Para. 1). With that being said, the United States of America has the highest paid medical assistant in the world. Massachusetts, California, District of Columbia, Connecticut, and New Mexico are the top five highest paying states (Unadug. net, 2012, Para. 2).

Building a resume is the most important factor to finding a job in the medical assistant field. There are two websites that could potentially help with the creation of the resume. The following websites are: govtjob. net and labor. state. ny. us. Govtjob. net gives tips on how to write a career resume, while labor. state. ny. us strategies on how to write a professional resume. Finding a job in the medical field can be very difficult and tricky. If you are looking to find a job upon graduation, the best few websites that would work, include Monster. com, Indeed. com, and careerbuilder. com. Those are the best well-known websites that can help you to find a job in the healthcare field. All three websites are great search engines.

However, there are the differences between the three. One of them is being used more than the other. Monster. com, Indeed. com and careerbuilder. com are all used worldwide in countries from USA, Canada, Asia, and Europe. I am interested in the clinical field upon graduation. I would like to further my education in the medical field to become an Emergency room Physician after the completion of my degree.

I have always had the passion to work a long side a physician. I enjoy assisting the physicians with EKGs, vitals, changing the bed sheets and communication problems with the patients. Inova Fairfax Hospital is the one company that has always interest me. Inova Fairfax Hospital consistently ranked among the top healthcare providers in the United States. U. S. News recently named Inova Fairfax Hospital number one in the Washington, DC, metro area, number two in the state of Virginia, and one of the best in Northern Virginia.

They are nationally ranked as a U. S. News Best Hospital in two adult specialties: cardiology & heart surgery, and gynecology. The hospital is ranked as High Performing in cancer; ear, nose & throat; geriatrics; neurology & neurosurgery; pulmonology; diabetes & endocrinology; gastroenterology; nephrology; orthopedics; and urology (Inova, 2013, para. 1). Inova Fairfax working condition is extremely high volume and detailed oriented. They receive many patients each hour so being detailed oriented would help keep the physician flow chart on track.

Inova Fairfax has always interested me because I live in the area and I have grown accustomed to the hospital since I was eleven years old. Every staff member that I have come into contact with has had outstanding customer service and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Certifications are not required for completion of this program; however, it is encouraged that student’s obtain all appropriate course work to increase potential job opportunities. ECPI provides students in the Medical Assisting program with vouchers that allow the student to take certification exams at a greatly reduced cost.

Students graduating from this program may be eligible to become Certified Medical Assistants (CMA), Registered Medical Assistants (RMA), Certified Phlebotomy Technicians, and EKG Technicians. Students should also obtain their CPR certification (ECPI University, Recommended certification, 2013, para. 1) ECPI offers all of the certification before graduating. A challenge that would withhold me from completing my degree include time management because I’m currently attending two different schools and working part-time at Glamour Shots in Fair oaks Mall.

My biggest challenge is my financial obligations. Not being able to pay for school and miscellaneous bills. Those can be a speed bump in the road. Having my friends and family there to support and encourage me to achieve my future career goals is very important. A good social support system is essential to succeeding in life’s endeavors. My expectation is to get a high paying job and going forward to achieve my next set of goals; which is to get a Bachelors of Science in Pre-Medical at George Mason University.

My family will not benefit much, because most of my family members work in the medical field. Having knowledgeable professors benefits me because it allows me to understand complex ideas and situations to further my education and get me one step closer to achieving my career goals. I have learned many valuable skills such as time management, and critical thinking while attending ECPI. I have found out that finding an easy way out is not an ideal step of being successful. Finding a harder way in is a huge step in succeeding.

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