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Date of Laboratory experiments: Place: Date completed: Due Date: Experiment 1: The Plate Clutch Objective: The Aim of this experiment is to find the relation between the axial load W and the frictional torque T, using a single plate clutch. To find the coefficient of friction between the clutch surfaces using the uniform wear theory.

To experimentally conclude whether the average radius of the friction plate is proportional to the frictional torque. Apparatus used: Weights, String Plate clutch Hangers Pulleys x egg weights for axial load Theory: It is stated theoretically that T = PER This means that as the axial load (W) increases, so does the torque and vice versa. Also that if the mean radius (R) increases, so will the torque.

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Method: Make sure all the surfaces are clear of oil and dirt before putting the plates on Measure the mass and diameter of the top steel plate Make note of the inside and outside radius of each plate clutch Put the clutch plate on in position underneath the top plate Make sure the strings are correctly positioned on the pulleys and that the system is moving freely Place a 2 keg mass n the plate. Determine the frictional force necessary to rotate the top plate at a constant speed.

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