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Maybank– the biggest bank and financial service group in Malaysia. Maybank was established by Malaysian business big shot Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat, who kicked the bucket in 2004., it has expanded until 2,100 branches over 17 nations along with 42000 maybankers and 21 million of customers around the world under his wise leadership and the rapid economic development. The Bank was launch on 31 May 1960. It was recorded on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ( Bursa Malaysia) on 17 February 1962. Maybank manages a wide range of banking activities locally, including individuals, businesses, and Islamic communities. Maybank Group is as of now lead by Datuk Abdul Farid Alias as Group President and Chief Executive Officer. In July 2010, Maybank assemble has begun its change program to reinforce and proceed with its administration in nearby money related administrations industry keeping in mind the end goal to futher extend the business to everywhere throughout the world in future. Maybank intends to be a prime impetus for monetary and social improvement wherever it served through the Group’s dedication in giving the general population access to money related administrations at reasonable terms and valuing. There are five extreme objective have been set in the program which are o turned out to be Undisputed No. 1 Retial Financial Services Provider in Malaysia.  Maybank is leading banking of all the bank in Malaysia. Maybank provides a lot of product and services, for example loan, credit card, financing, and other services.First of all, Maybank provides car loan, house loanand others type of loan to individual, households businessman and others. As we said at first, Maybank is the “big brother” in Malaysia banking industries, so it plays an important role in making loan decision. Economic crisis in Malaysia will happen when the loan is over given to individual. By giving loan to individual and others, the bank will earn the interest. While controlling loan approvals, Maybank also needs to ensure that its economy is growing positively. Last but not least, Maybank will also provide credit card service, Credit card nowadays are used by individuals, by target selling credit card to them, Maybank will have more customers and so this will increase the sales of Maybank. Maybank also corporate with other company, for example, TGV company. By using Maybank credit card, the customers will get RM10 of movie ticket before 6pm and 10% discount of the food and beverage. This exclusice package only offer to Maybank card holeder only. will help Maybank and TGV company to perform a ‘win-win situation’. By using this method, credit card will be width used in the market.

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