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Mattel, Inc is a US-based toy manufacturing company. It is the world’s largest marketing, design, and manufacturing corporation and which mainly sells both toys and family products. The world famous company Mattel, Inc was founded by Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler in 1945. Mattel assembled its brands and products mainly into four categories, such as Mattel Girls and Boys Brands, Fisher-Price Brands, Arts ; Crafts Brands, and American Girl Brands. The Mattel Girls ; Boys Brand category contains Barbie fashion dolls, Disney Classics, WWE Wrestling, DC Comics, etc. Fisher-Price Brand category includes Fisher-Price, Baby Gera Laugh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc. The Arts ; Crafts Brands category contains MEGA BLOKS, Rose Art and Board Dudes. As per the statistics, Mattel operates in 40 countries and they sell their products in more than 150 nations. “Mattel, Inc sells its products to the customers directly by means of Website, Catalog, directly to retailers, department stores, other retail outlets, wholesalers, etc.”

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