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Matchpaper Matches: Made by an Illegal Alien Getting Paid a Dollar an Hour to Support His Family of 6 To a non-earth inhabitant, one might thinks it was a simple noisemaker. But upon closer inspection you would find that the puzzle like box opens and contains a very flammable material. The red coloration of the box might bring them to this conclusion or they may discover you can strike these sticks on the side and they combust. However I know it?s a box of matches, I know how the box opens and I know how to light them. The irony of the box is we humans store our flammable materials in flammable materials. Any Alien might think that funny, however and illegal alien probably wouldn?t care. All he cares about is making these match boxes so he can get his pay check and take care of his family.

He might think its funny that the box says made in America, when in fact he knows the cardboard that they use to make the box is actually from China, the ink from Indonesia, and the matches from Mexico. It would make more sense to him matches, diamond, box, might, made, little, think, one, materials, know, flammable, because, alien, about, wasted, sue, stupid, side, sense, red, read, pay, pattern, opens, oh, now, much, match, make, just, incorporated, illegal, however, gets, funny

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