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Mass shootings in the United States have unfortunately become a disturbing trend that seems to be on the rise. There have been shootings in public places receiving media coverage and giving the perception that they are becoming the new normal. Schools, shopping centers, and even movie theaters are just a few areas that have seen gun violence at the hand of a mass shooter. There are so many questions to ask it is hard to determine where to start, but many just want the violence to stop.
Mass shootings for the most part are nothing new, except they seem to be happening more frequent in society today. You can go back in history and learn about mass shootings that have happened before the turn of the years.The idea of innocent people being shot and killed for no reason is enough for people to want this problem to be solved. The problem here is that it seems there are not enough people willing to take a stand against mass shootings.There are laws in place to defend people but they get destroyed so quickly enough it is hard to find another answer before another shooting takes place.

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