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Marketing : Assignment 1 Explain how ONE of these provided examples uses the ops effectively in their marketing strategy. 1. Mac Donaldson 2. Game 3. Pep What you need to do 1. Clearly explain the term Marketing 2. Explain the Marketing Mix (IN DETAIL) a. Product b. Place c. Price d. Promotion 3. Explain how ONE of the examples use the pap’s effectively; you need to analyses their approach in order to shape an informed and logical discussion. Technical requirement 1. Typed 2. Font: Arial Narrow 3. Size 12 4. Justified 5. MUST be in Essay style: intro, body, conclusion 6.

Stapled in left hand corner 7. NO fancy boarders etc Due date 2 October 2013 in class time : please note that there will be NO extension to the dead line. Failure to submit your assignment on the specified date and time will result in you getting 0% Marks: Explain now ONE AT ten examples use ten pap’s adjectively; you need to analyses marketing strategy. 1 . Mac Donaldson . Lapel Explain now ONE AT tense approval examples uses Adjectively In 1 . Typed MUSIC De In Essay style: Intro, Day, conclusion want you need to 00 6 stapled In let nana corner 1 . Clearly explain the term Marketing

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