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In recent years arts organizations have devoted
increasing attention to audience development, to reaching and engendering the
loyalty of a wider cross-section of the community,

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An audience is a group of
people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art, literature theatre,
music, video games, or academics in any medium. Audience members participate in
different ways in different kinds of art; some events invite overt audience
participation and others allowing only modest clapping and criticism and reception.

Marketing is essential in audience development because without it the
performing arts are not able to create an audience and therefore, it is vital
for all arts to do a comprehensive marketing because marketing creates
awareness, interest and stimulates trials . Marketing planning can, therefore,
be said to be the core task and one that helps any performing art on reaching
marketing objectives as well as audience development.

Group of Audience
Development can be portrayed as a movement which is done particularly to
fulfill the necessities and requests of existing and potential gathering of
people. So that they help organizations and associations to construct great
relations with crowds. This incorporates appropriation, teaching, promoting,
client inputs and so on.

The significance
is given to the solid relationship gathering of people advancement alongside
advertising, as group of onlookers improvement is identified with building
piece of the overall industry. It helps in searching for gatherings of people
outside the standard such new groups of onlookers, socially prohibited crowds
and so on. Group of onlookers improvement concentrates on the relations with
gatherings of people that work with time likewise with an attention on the long

exercises are there for various group of onlookers advancement exercises,
likewise for various sorts of associations. It might run from the enormous
occasions shows to the little ones like workmanship focus, displays and so

procedure of group of onlookers improvement utilizes an extensive variety of
promoting devices, for example, investigate, exposure, great correspondence,
wonderful connection with clients. In group of onlookers advancement, the
gathering of people is at the focal point of everything concerning what the
association does.

How to grow your audience.

Use of various technology and different mediums to reach your target audience.

Create a strong connection with the audience to retain them.

Be in contact with the audience and make them realize that they are part of

Don’t think just for the company even think about your customers as they are
source of income.

Conducting regular reviews and analysis of activities, as well as using
follow-up based on the outcome

Giving audience extra benefits so as to make them happy

Creating differnt image so as to be diffent in market.

proper research on the needs and wants of customers.

to provide product what customers want, dont try to sell your product to

to think from the mind of customers.


traffic- Creating or finding the audience for the event is main challenge in
the life of person organising any kind of event. As this stage if they have not
done proper research its hard for them to have proper audience.

and managing budget- The word “budget” has been known to make
people cringe, cry and bury their heads in the sand, but budgeting challenges
don’t have to keep you from getting the job done. Budgets are just a set of
guidelines to help you manage your money and if its not done properly it can
affect the event .

marketing activities- Its hard to conduct and event in the market due to laws.

So it is one of the biggest challenge .

social media marketing- No one have the control over social media as people
post what they like and what is of their interest. So its the challenge that
how people would post positive about the event to make a brand image so as to
attract people for next event.

good Data marketing- The data which we are trusting on is true or not is a
bigger challenge for an event company as they take data from outside companies.

term sustainability- Biggest challenge in market is to sustain in long run.

Which can only be done with the help of previous success and retained audience.

measurement of return of investment- ROI need to be properly checked if there
is no ROI its waste of time for the company.

good quality and quantity of content- Keeping quality with price is the biggest
challenge as customers demand for high end products at low price.

unrealistic expectations- Tracking the environment and customers for the
customers which is hard to determine as its not stable.

10.  Right implementation of
marketing plan- Implementation is the main step for any business and one wrong
strategy can lead to failure of a brand.




Strategies to attract the audience in aspect of a event.

1. Create a unique and catchy event hash tag and then encourage people to
post content with it.

Use the hash tag for #Ileague or related to it

2. Track discussion about your event before, during
and after it. Collect all the mentions and analyze them.

Check the social media and customers views about the
football league so as to know the demand.

3. Interact with attendees in social media. Respond to
participants’ posts, answer their question and help whenever they need your

Contact the previous attendees of any football match to
know the requirements of your audience.

4. Provide a screen with social stream, where all mentions related
to an event will be displayed.

There should be live streaming as people are more using
televisions in Asian countries.

5. Reward the most active social media users for their
contribution. You can also organize a competition, in which people will
challenge for a reward.

Engage previous audience for promotion with the benefits
of free tickets or discounts for the event.

6. Engage the most influential attendees in social media.- Make
it a event so that people who attend promote it .

Case Study

The Federation
Cup, also known as Hero
Federation Cup for sponsorship reasons, is an annual knockout style
club football tournament in India that started in 1977. From its
inception, until Hero I-League was
started in 1997 (then called NFL), it was the most prestigious national
level club football tournament in India. Presently it is the most important
club tournament after the I-League, to which it
has become a de facto League
Cup. The winning club of the Federation Cup gets a chance to compete in the
continental level in AFC Cup.

year 2012 they faced the problem as people were losing interest in the league
and they were getting less players and attendees. So they started a research on
this and there was more people from age 18-30 years who were attending the

they came up with new strategy of promoting it through different mediums. as
they were using newspapers and they were spending more on newspaper
advertisement. At the end they were left with less money at the end.

improve their number of audience they started promoting it through social media
which have a huge effect on the success of the game due to more audience.

Today now the worth of this league is US 6.9 billion dollar. It is growing more audience every year and more other team players or new players are coming to join this league to earn money and make themselves popular among the audience. Because almost every country is involved in this league so people from abroad as well come to India to watch this whole league.

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