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Marisa ShelbyMrs. HastingsBeyond Writing, 1st block6 October 2017Creative Title (not Argumentative Essay)    Colleges are good for many people, but vocational schools cost less than colleges. According to Oklahoma University (OU), the “non resident undergraduate cost is $37,926 per year” (Administration & Recruitment); because of this, many people can not pay for a four-year degree from college. Because Americans have their minds set on going to college, “40 million Americans had at least one outstanding student loan” (Ellis) in 2014; in fact, student loans, I believe, are the main purpose for people not attending college. Then the question purposes, why do so many people go to college if it costs so much? Well, “75% of Americans say college is too expensive”(“Is College Worth It?”); however, “65.9 percent of people who had graduated from high school the previous spring had enrolled in college” (Norris). In my opinion, Americans are asking to go in debt. Subsequently, many people do not need to go to college to get a job they desire.     The skills that are needed to become a great worker are taught directly to those wanting to learn trade jobs. Mrs Sandra Smith, a Fox Business news reporter, stated that “many young men” she had interviewed “simply had high school degrees” (Stossel), emphasizing that not everybody has to go to college to make money and get a good job. Nevertheless, even Mike Rowe exclaimed that “our generation is struggling to bridge that gap between whatever it is they learned and whatever opportunities exist” (“Mike Rowe Asks:”), acknowledging the fact that the generation we live in are having difficulty finding out what they want to do as well as getting the jobs done that need to get done because they have no idea how to do that. Because of students not knowing what they want to do, they will not have the edge on jobs as others who know. Some might argue that a college degreeBecause the skills are taught, some jobs are easier to find. John Stossel contended that “5 million jobs stood unfilled during Obama’s presidency” (Stossel); furthermore, the generation we live in is more likely to go to college instead of finding the work that does not need the college hours. This becomes a problem when “trade schools account for 54% of the labor market” (“Mike Rowe Asks:”), testifying that kids need to become vo tech students instead of college grads. But there are some who do not wish to go to college. Some may argue that with a degree jobs become easier to find, but one tech student told that “his brother got out of college with a masters degree and is having a difficult time finding a job” (Stossel) further supporting that jobs are easier to find without a degree to worry about.

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