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One time they went to Big Boy [a restaurant], Sam causes disturbance when he cannot gets the pancakes he is used to get in IIOP.

Lucy is puzzled by all of his reactions to things and her friends start to call her dad “retarded. ” She is embarrassed of what is happening so she tells her friends that she is adopted so that they do not make fun of her dad. At one of her birthday parties a social worker surprisingly appears and takes Lucy away from Sam. This is because, they think that he is not a good example for Lucy, but they let IM see her during the week.After all Sam gets to a court trial fighting for guys custody, but the court decides to give Lucy to another family that will take care of her. At the end Sam wins the custody but he know he cannot give Lucy a proper way of educating her, so he let other parents take care of her with the condition of letting him see his daughter continuously.

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As a social worker, a lot of services can be provided, for instance those who have a mental issue could go to community mental health programs or we could give our client the service of how to properly educate children.A mental issue is when a person cannot take care of his/herself, in most cases professionals work with them and provide them appropriate care and treatment In this case, Sam had a mental issue because he had trouble talking, he did not have the ability to connect actions with the consequences, and other things that classified him as a person who had mental problems.

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