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Many new records are made in this year’s cricket field, so many records are broken. This year, many players in the cricket world have performed brilliantly. Considering the performance of these players in 2017, if a team of 11 players, who were adorned with the best players in 2017, would be the one who would be the players. We made a team based on the performance of 2017. Know which players made it.

place.5 batsmen, 1 wicketkeeper, 1 all-rounder, 4 bowlersCaptain: Virat Kohli Wicketkeeper: AB De VilliersRohit Sharma-Rohit Sharma has performed this year very well. Rohit Sharma has done the best this year. Rohit has scored 1293 runs in 21 matches at an average of 71.83, he would be thforopener for the team.Shikhar Dhawan-Rohit Sharma’s fellow player Shikhar Dhawan has teamed up with Rohit Sharma to give the team a solid start, which is why the team did well. Shikhar Dhawan is also the player who scored the 5th highest score. He has scored 960 runs in 22 matches at an average of 48.

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3. Virat Kohli-Virat Kohli is the most suitable player for this place, no one sscepticalsceptical about this. Virat Kohli has scored 1460 runs in 26 matches with an average of 76.84 and a strike rate of 99.11 this year. Kohli this made this game a different point this year.

He will also lead this team.4. The root-In 19 matches so far, an average of 70.21 and 983 runs from the strike rate of 92.12, the Root is one of the top batsmen in 2017. He has made 7 half-centuries and 2 centuries this year.

Root is counted among the best players of its time.5. Babar Azam-The 23-year-old Pakistani batsman has scored 872 runs in 18 matches so far, with an average of 67.07 and a strike rate of 79.27, Azam has scored 4 centuries and 2 half-centuries. He will prove to be the best player at number 5.6. AB de Villiers (Wicketkeeper) -The batsman has been consistently impressed.

This player will not only strengthen the team by b the thing at the 6th position but also the team’s keeper. AB has scored 773 runs in 19 matches with a strike rate of 116.94 and an average of 59.46.7. Hardik Pandya-This place was needed for a player who would also cooperate with his explosive batting ball. Hardik Pandya has emerged as a discovery in 2017.

She is suitable for this place. Hardik has scored 539 runs in 25 matches at an average of 38.5, in which his strike rate is 120.

58. It is also the top all-rounder of 2017, taking 35 wickets for India.8. Lee Plunkett-England’s bowler Liam Plunkett has performed a lot in 2017. Plunkett has scored 36 wickets in 18 matches with 5.62 average and a strike rate of 23.9.

9. Rashid Khan-This young player from Afghanistan has not only overcome the circumstances, but he has taken to mind all the legendary batsmen from his game. With the best figures of 7/18 taking 43 wickets in 16 matches, Rashid Khan has brought Afghanistan cricket to a new level.10. Jaspreet Bumrah-Jaspreet Bumrah, who is astonishing to save some close matches in the year 2017, has the right to get to a place on this team. Jaspreet Bumrah has made 39 wickets in 23 matches.

In the death overs, the best bowler from them is not in today’s date.11. Hasan Ali-This Pakistan player has only done the job of returning the same fear of Pakistan bowling again. Rashid Khan has bowled the big batsmen with the best bowling throughout the year. After taking 45 wickets in 18 matches, this fast bowler of Pakistan has made the most wickets in 2017.

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