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has made great strides, which are marked by great people. In these people, not
only men, but women are also a very important part of human progress. The first
two women who flew into space had marked a historic moment, breaking down
stereotypes about gender discrimination, and proving that women are not
inferior to men.This event had also proved the importance of women in all ages
of human history during the most tension period of the Cold War. They were an
American woman named Sally Kristen
and a Soviet Union woman named Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova.  The Two came from the two different countries and different
ideologies, but there were
many similarities between them.

The passion is unlimited and no sex discrimination. The
stressful jobs always require intense concentration and patience. It may belong
to the jobs just men can do, but the talented, powerful, beautiful and
confident women can also do well this work which made men surprised and
admired. No more people is known that in order to be selected as the historic
flight attendant and bringing the Soviet Union to become the first country to
have female pilots flying into space, Tereshkova had to compete with 400 other candidates
who were all very bright, ambition and enthusiasm. Tereshkova’s resilient
spirit is further challenged in the face of a very serious incident that
occurred during the landing. After each round, the Vostok-6 spacecraft left
further the Earth, but she responded immediately and made the ship come back
the Earth’s trajectory. Finally, Tereshkova landed safely. Likewise, Sally
Kristen Ride is a typical character for overcoming the prejudice about the
women of society. Once, when reading Stanford University’s news, Sally
accidentally reads about recruiting astronauts of NASA. She had decided to
join. In over 8,000 candidates, only 35 people were accepted, including six
women whom Sally was one of them. On June 18, 1983, she became the first
American woman flew into space in the crew of the spaceship named Challenger.
It is not easy to adapt to life in space, but because of the desire to become
an astronaut, Sally had been trained everything in difficult conditions.
Overcoming the limitations of self and winning the soft instincts of

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