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Managing customer trust, satisfaction andloyalty of e-tailer services is very important for the long-term growth of manycompanies. Previous research has shown that online retailers have difficultyretaining customers despite the recent rapid growth of B2C (Business toCustomer) e-commerce applications. Numerous studies have empirically examinedthe trust, satisfaction and loyalty attitudes of B2C e-commerce customers invarious countriesIt is a market reality that marketingmanagers sometimes impose change costs on their customers, to prevent them fromswitching to new suppliers. In a competitive environment, such as the Internetmarket, where competition can only be a click away, can costs be turned into anexit barrier and can a compelling element of customer loyalty be amended? Tosolve this problem, this article examines the moderating effects of transfercosts on customer loyalty through satisfaction and perceived value measures.The results, evoked from an online survey of online service users, indicatethat businesses that focus on customer loyalty should focus primarily onsatisfaction and perceived value. The moderating effects of change costs on theassociation of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction and perceived valueare significant only when the level of customer satisfaction or perceived valueis above average.

In light of the key findings, the article sets out strategicimplications for customer loyalty in the context of e-commerce. © 2004 WileyPeriodicals, Inc. According to the Census Bureau’s MonthlyRetail Trade Survey, retail sales in 2000 were $ 25.8 billion, 49% higher than1999 ($ ??17.3 billion) 1. stores, including greater flexibility, increasedmarket reach, lower cost structures, faster transactions, broader productlines, greater convenience and customization. However, online retail alsopresents its own challenges.

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Companies competing in the world of e-commerce arejust a few

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