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Managing Change Managing Change 2Managing ChangeIntroductionAs companies continue to strive for excellence, the need for change becomes more and more of a factor. Managing this change becomes crucial for everyone, both in the public sector and in the private sector. Planning for change requires companies to understand the barrier or roadblocks presented within their department or facility. When one begins, the understanding the whys, the whats and the hows becomes part of all organizations.As I began researching for a paper, my focus was on Lean Management Techniques.

After finding several articles, I soon realized that the actual system implementation required much more the theory. Yet, one theory will not fit all organizations, each organization must adapt certain items that can positively affect them. Thus, I converted my thoughts to how change can occur and why the need for planning to change was necessary. Through my experiences with different organizations, I believe change is inevitable and all organization must change to survive.

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With this, any organization must know ?why to change?, ?what to change? and ?how the change?. Knowing why and how are the simplest items, yet ?how to change? becomes the biggest factor to change, organization, must, managing, quality, management, system, 1997, one, managers, understand, total, requires, people, new, everyone, within, tools, teams, systems, plan, organizations, diagram, resistance, pp, ideas, focus, analysis, three, should, planning, organizational, need, momentum, manager

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