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Logotype is a carotene because of its carbon and hydrogen composition. It is red in color and a member of the carotene family. Members of the carotene family play integral roles in plants. They use the absorption of light to aid in photosynthesis, and protect chlorophyll from damage. In humans, Logotype acts as an antioxidant. Logotype is found in various fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this experiment is the isolation of Logotype from tomato paste. This is done using liquid/solid extraction and chromatography.

Once the Logotype is isolated, IR spectroscopy will determine its percentage actually obtained by chromatography. Procedure: Amassed sample of 1. Egg of tomato paste was placed in a moll Erlenmeyer flask. To the flask, ml of 50:50 hexane-acetone was added into the flask. After the 50:50 addition the flask was capped and shaken. After the settling of the sediments, the liquid portion was pipettes in a ml Erlenmeyer flask. The process of separating the liquid from the solid was repeated for a total of four times. To the extracted liquid, ml of Nasal was added and put into a separators funnel to remove the water layer. L of 10% KICKS was added to the extracted organic layer, and then placed into the separators funnel for the removal of the water layer. Nasal was then again added to the organic layer, and put through the separators funnel to again remove more of the water layer. After the water removal using the separators funnel took place, Mages was added until clumping subsided. This addition was done to remove any access water that the previous processes did not remove. A chromatography column was prepared using Alumina and cotton. It was then attached to a ring stand and placed in a clamp to ensure that it stayed as retrial as possible.

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