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Luis Armstrong Luis Armstrong(1901 – 1971)My paper is about probably America?s most influential artist; trumpeter, composer and leader Louis Armstrong. He was born in a time when a black boy could expect nothing but to grow up, work hard at the lowest jobs all his life, and hope somehow, somewhere manage to stay healthy and get a little out of life.

“(P.1 Collier) He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901 to Mayanne and William Armstrong. Louie was raised by his grandmother Josephine Armstrong as an infant because his father abandoned him and his mother around the time of his birth. He started his life living in the slums of New Orleans. He grew up in a tough area known, as “The Battlefield” where knife fights and guns play were common. At the age of about seven he moved to black Stormville, back with his mother and his sister.

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Stormville consisted of dance halls honky tons and brothels. It was an entertainment district like Londons Soho. He grew up with music all around him, so he could hear music from outside his house when he woke up and when he went to bed.

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