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Kvetch Lucille Ball one of the first known women comedians, and the woman known as the redhead with the very annoying voice, was born August 6, 1911 in an average middle class American family. Ball’s ground breaking show “l Love Lucy’, gave insight into a middle class family in the sass’s, the only difference was Ball’s costar and husband Desk Earner was Cuban.

When I picked my topic I thought it would be cool to dig inside of Ball’s personal life with her husband and family but as I discovered she was one of the first women to have her own television show and is looked at as one of he most inspirational women in time for her contributions to television and the progression of women. But is Ball the woman behind her laughs from her show? In doing research I found that a woman by the name of Madeline Davis, was supposedly the woman who wrote Ball’s punch lines and Jokes.

How is this so, her Jokes seemed so original and most of the time things seemed to ad lived. The I Love Lucy show warmed hearts and filled homes with love and laughter, so is it possible that Madeline Davis is the cause of all this? Although this may be true Lucile Ball inspired women all round to do what they feel she changed the way women were looked at in the sass’s. Her role as a mother, wife, comedian and actress were all portrayed in the show. Lucy is most famous for her contributions to women’s progression in society and television.

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Lucille is known for being “In 1962, Lucy bought out former husband Desk, becoming the first (and only) female head of a studio – and once again refrained herself as an industry powerhouse” states Debt Bait. (up) She also had her own personal battles and demons she faced, from being in an open inter-racial legislation to suffering miscarriages with her first two children. Most women in this time were home makers but Lucy switched up how society looked at women roles. It was not rare that you seen a woman being an actress but to have her own show as Lucy did was unheard of.

The red head sometimes hardheaded wife gave an insight into some middle class families during the sass’s. Although some families were structured like the “Richards” all were not. The television show gave the perception that women do have other roles in life besides sitting at home and having children but that women hold the fort together. This was not any typical American sitcom. This show had all kinds of diversity and I think that’s what kind of trends Lucy set for generations to come. During this time women were looked down on, never really had a role in society, some did but not many.

It’s like Lucy set her own trends and did not care what others thought about her. “Serious, guarded, literal-minded perfectionist”(up), is what Tom Gilbert called her in his article. Ball’s works were phenomenal when it came to her acting skills. Her show was not the only thing she worked on it was more of her baby, but she did there television appearances as well and movies too. She shaped a culture that thought of women as so little and convinced people that women can really do other things besides be homemakers.

She made it known that women actually had a voice Ana could stand up Tort themselves. Seen Dates near Tie on Decoding ten Test Ana that’s what she did. She defined a nation for women. In doing my research I found that Lucille Ball was also an entrepreneur. Now I would like to focus on the general outlook of the show. Lucille and her husband Desk had one of the first production companies. They produced their own TV. Pilot that’s how they ended up founding their company Desire. This is one way she helped change society and the roles of women she started her own company.

Until now people have always thought that Lucy was the laughs behind her show. Upon doing research I found an article that suggested that Lucy was not the writer of her own Jokes and was not as funny as she portrayed to be. Why is this the first time that people are now hearing about this? This article by Tom Gilbert was wrote in 2011 and suggested that Madeline Davis was the woman who made Lucy so funny and helped shape the nation. Although it maybe be true that she wrote some the jokes and punch lines on the show how can someone else take credit for something that seemed so natural.

Gilbert states that the show is a “tale of two women”(2). This tale of two women are supposedly a cross between Davis and Ball. I searched to find a better understanding of this article and I find that some parts of this is somewhat untrue. Why now do you come forward to say that some else is responsible for the laughs heard around the country. This meaner that although we loved Lucy, she is not totally responsible for the shaping of the nation even though she is. Madeline Davis, a soft spoken woman is the woman who is supposedly behind the laughs of Lully’s hit show.

As I stated in the paragraph above it has not really been proven that Davis is solely behind the laughs if the show. Lucy does recognize Davis in a speech she gives at an award ceremony but she does not state that she was the woman behind her laughs. She was writer for the show after had done further research but this meaner that Lucy did not shape society and a culture by herself. But you have to give credit where credit is due. She wrote some of the things that caused us to laugh but not all. People would beg to differ but hey these are the facts.

It is still my belief that Lucy shaped a nation and helped make being a comedian and being a woman a thing to do. The reason I would like to focus some on Madeline Davis is because with her contributions to the show she helped Lucy change the way women were looked at in society. I would like to focus on how she balanced work and being a mother. It was very uncommon for a woman to work back in those days. Although most women were becoming entrepreneurs other women were making their mark in music or film but most were still homemakers.

Lucille Ball on the other hand Juggled being a mother, wife and actress. Even thought it was other women doing the same thing it seemed as though Lucy set trends for women to come. If you look at women today and look at a woman of Lully’s stature you seem how they are so similar. Now and days women were many hats in families some are even raising children working, and going to school all by themselves. This is not an easy Job for anyone but I do know that Lucille Ball it seem like a breeze. Women in television still Juggle being parent’s and their careers to this day.

As a parent myself, it is kind of hard to balance life as a parent as ell as a student. Lucille Ball did this with no problem. She contributed more to society back then than most do in a lifetime. It takes a strong minded woman to stand up say want sine’s going to AAA Ana want sine’s not going to 00. Seen Ana a strong team behind her and they pushed her. People focused solely on the fact that Lucy married outside of her race but she didn’t care she loved who she loved. She changed the way people thought about certain situations.

She was not only an actress but a mother as well. By showing society that you can work and be a parent too is what most women till do these days. This phenomenal woman showed that you can still balance a private and home life along with a career and still be good at what you do. She was in control of her own destiny and she did not stop until she made it to the top. She balanced taking care of her son Desk Jar. Who battled with depression and a drug problem. Their daughter Lucie followed in their footsteps and made a career in show business.

But Lucy loved both of her children equally even though one went down the wrong bath she still accepted both of them for who they were. It still took a toll ever her life having to deal with the problems of her son but because she was Lucille Ball she managed to work and maintain he life. The odds were stacked against Lucy and her family because of the inter-racial relationship she and Desk shared. Even though Desk and Lucy were married Just like any other normal couple they fought. They actually divorced and remarried.

Divorce was unheard of in the ass’s and although they loved each other they figured it was best but as stated before they eventually remarried and had two lovely children. Lucy had been through a lot by this time from being an actress and shared some of her cost personal secrets with the world. This also was unheard of because during these times people mostly kept their business to themselves. It seemed somewhat UN lady like to tell your business or to even get a divorce. And by Desk being catholic it was almost unheard of in that religion. In today’s society, especially among women entrepreneurs, we talk a lot about “work-life balance” – and many perceive Lucy as a pioneer in this area. At the time, Lully’s decision to have children in her ass’s was nearly unheard of – and an inspiration to many women who wanted to create a career and also enjoy a family. “(up). One of my sources Debt Bait states. This is completely true now and days females are having children more later in life that earlier and Lucille Ball is the one that everyone should thank for that. She set trends as Vive stated before.

When you look at this couple they are somewhat a power couple. They set trends all around the world even tough they had been divorced and remarried. They made it k to date outside of her race and set the trend for it. Lucille was a positive role model and influence for all women across the world not only in American but all across the land. Although it has been said that Lucy is not he woman behind her laughs she still made her mark on culture and society for years to come. In doing my research I found that she was quite popular in her time and that she was responsible for her own destiny.

Vive gained a greater understanding on how times were and how bad women had it back then. It was hard for women to break into the industry although it was many already in there. It was hard for women to do anything back then without being criticized. But Lucille Ball made her mark in showing that I can do this and more. She sets trends like inter- racial marriage because it was occurring back then it was unheard of. None one had ever seen it on television. When you look back on the greats you have to mention her because she is one of the greats she made her mark and people still watch her snows today.

Lucille Ball died over 20 years ago and she is still being recognized today. She is and always be one of the greatest women on television. She is most famous for the way she talked and her gorgeous red hair. Not too many women of this era can say they made a mark but Lucille Ball could. There are not too many shows that can still be seen from the ass’s but the “l Love Lucy Show’, is one the rare ones that can still be en on places like Tableland, Hallmark, and other channels late night and during the day.

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