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Lubricate all moving parts every year. This is essential.•    Apply a light lubricant to the rollers and hinges. Spray white lithium grease on the opening mechanism chain and a lubricant cleaner on the springs. Go smoothly: an excess of lubricant causes a build-up of dirt.•    Clean the rails by wiping them with a cloth soaked in oil.•    In case of discrepancy with these instructions, rely on the owner’s manual.2. Test the automatic shutdown deviceTest the automatic shut-off feature of your garage door opener once a month. Open the door. Place an object on the floor under the door and try to close the door.•    The door should stop instantly and reopen as soon as it touches the object. If this does not work, change the closing distance of the mechanism by following the instruction manual.3. Test the springs•    Pull the emergency cord or lever to disconnect the opening mechanism. You should now be able to close the door halfway and hold it in position, with a slight movement above or below half.•    If the door goes up or down, ask a professional to adjust the spring tension.4. Clean your doorExtend the life of your garage door by protecting it from dirt and corrosion.•    Dust the inside and outside of the door and clean with a mild detergent diluted in water. Rinse all with a hose.•    If the door is made of metal with an enamel finish, apply car wax to the outside to protect it from dirt and moisture.5. Repair the springsThe weight of a garage door is counterbalanced by a torsion spring located above the door or by a pair of lateral tension springs above the rails.•    These very tight springs can hurt you if they break or come off. If these need to be adjusted or repaired, contact a garage door installer.•    Always have both springs replaced at a time.•    Also, contact a professional if the hoisting ropes, attached to the bottom bracket, are frayed and need to be replaced.6. Water and snowWater splashing down the bottom of your garage door can cause rust on a metal door and flake paint and rot a wooden door.•    Make sure your gutters take the water away from the door and that the slope of the land does not drain the water in its direction.•    Clear the snow before it melts and freezes again, sticking the entrance to the driveway.7. WeatherstrippingEvery two months, wipe the weather strip around the edges of the frame and at the bottom of the garage door with a vinyl cleaner.•    Then spray on a silicone lubricant to keep it soft. This also prevents the lower seal from sticking to the snow.8. A children’s gameWhy do kids think garage doors are the perfect surface to improve your batting average?•    Bullets can dent metal doors as well as loosen and disrupt parts of any garage door.•    Installing a basketball hoop over the door is also not a good idea.9. Repair the door•    When repairing a garage door, open it and unplug the power source.•    Next, place C-clamps or pliers on the rails and under one of the door rollers to lock the door in place.This is much safer than keeping the door open using a block or stick.About us:Your garage door is the most significant moving part of your home. To prevent damage from a fall or being opened by an intruder follow the instruction.

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