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Love And Hatred Similarities Love and Hatred Similarities During the novel, Hawthorne emphasized the relationship between Chillingsworth and Dimmesdale. Throughout the story he focused on the idea that Chillingsworth sought revenge and hated Dimmesdale with a passion for his actions with Hester. One of the strongest quotes Hawthorne displayed was, ?It is a curious subject of observation and inquiry whether hatred and love be not the same thing at bottom.? This statement refers to the similarities both emotions display, even though they are direct opposites of each other.

Throughout the novel, Chillingsworth leeches on to Dimmesdale, causing him to break down bit by bit. The pleasure that Chillingsworth gets when seeing Dimmesdale demise becomes what he lives each day for. Chillingsworth states throughout the story that not only does he hate Dimmesdale, but he loves to hate him. This paradox is a bold emotion that carries on throughout the plot. When Chillingsworth finally devotes his life to seek revenge on the Reverend, he becomes obsessed and dependent on Dimmesdale, and begins his own demise as well.

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To say that both love and hatred are the same at bottom gives us the idea that just because two things are opposite, they chillingsworth, dimmesdale, emotions, own, love, life, hatred, both, throughout, story, reverend, revenge, idea, hawthorne, demise, two, similarities, similar, same, paradox, opposite, one, once, obsessed, novel, hate, gives, emotion, each, different, died, dependent, causing, bottom, bit

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