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The Number One Feeling Through every feeling in life, there is the one and the only feeling that is considered as a gift. A great gift that we can ever hope to get or to give. Love! The feeling of love is so energetic which can turn one’s brow into a smile. It is the magic that does not need a magician. A lot of legends have carried this feeling. Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet, for instance. Love is the powerful feeling that can turn one’s enemy into a friend. It is the feeling that takes you to another dimension.

A wise man once said, Ala Tug ” Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. People often act irrationally without even thinking about the consequences twice, when they fall into this feeling. However, love comes in too many different types. There are so many things to love that won’t be easily fit into this essay. Family, for instance, comes first through all the types of love. People do feel love toward their family, and this is what makes us all get along together.

The feeling of love creates a strong bond among the family members that cannot be easily broken. We’ve heard about hating, fighting and eventually killing among some families. In my family, for instance, my uncle killed his own son because e misunderstood the real meaning of love. To where ever this life takes us, we should always remember that there will come a day when we will need our family, and they are the only ones who will accept us no matter what or how life turns out through prosperity and adversity if love is truly shared among the family.

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Families survive because of this one powerful feeling. Besides the family there comes another type of love, which is for our friends. Your friend is the one who will always stand by your side. Friends are not there for our own benefits only, they are the one’s who you turn to whenever you feel lonely, bored or even desperate. There are a lot of children who prefer to stay with their friends than their family. A lot of things can be done in front of our friends but not our family. You can always cry in front of your friend, or maybe burp, but not in front of your family.

Life is not fun without them. Another type of love, is the type that has brought together men and women. This involves the strongest feeling among them all. This type of love has evolved generations through the years. Adam and Eve, for instance, had been attracted to each other through this feeling. In a scale of one to ten, I would rate this feeling on the highest level of the scale. Last but not least, the strongest and nothing else can be ever stronger and nor will be, is the love between a mother and her children.

It is the type of love that starts from the very beginning of life and never ends. She suffers through her pregnancy for her children’s sake, stays up late to ensure a comfort and pleasant sleep for her children. She is the one who works extra hours to provide everything for her children Tanat teeny could ever need or want. Isn’t love ten greatest Telling In Tie? Imagine a mother combined with it. In a nut shell, love creates the world peace. It is the number one feeling in life.

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