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Longshore Drift Muriwai

Research purpose : How does alongshore drift operate and what phenomena influence e alongshore drift. L; The Marina coastal environment is located KM NW of Auckland on Tasmania sea co sat , west coast of North island.

How alongshore drift operate and what phenomena affect alongshore drift at Marina b each: The fetch of the Marina coastal environment is the Tasmania sea. The stretch of Task an sea over the wind blow created the fetch and the strength of the fetch and wind determine en the strength of the wave. Wave approach the beach at an angle due to the direction of the wind.How we experiment it : In our group, one person stand on the starting point of another person throwing an o range (and repeat this action for 5 times) to both the Marina beach and Maori bay. The move .NET of the orange help us to determine the direction of the alongshore drift which is due to wind . The movement of the wave causes the swash up to the beach and the gravity pulls down t he wave.

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The orange goes at the direction that cause by the variables that I Just mentioned an the data is recorded as below.Marina each has a higher strength and also the speed of the drift compare to Maori bay wit h an average of 53. Mm distance come back compare to Maori bay with a 11. Mm. The aver age velocity (calculate by v = d/t) of the speed of the drift Marina beach is 0.

Amass 1 whereas Maori bay has a average velocity of 0. Mammas 1 . Most of direction travel (the drift) is travel to the South. The greater rate of the alongshore drift at Marina beach also mean more seed meets is transport along the shore as a result created sand dunes which can only be seen atMarina beach and not Maori bay. Ways to improve the accuracy : To improve the accuracy of the data collection , we could use better technology like the waterproof GAPS to get a more accurate direction of where the “oranges” has traveled instead of using a compass. The other way could be taking more trails egg : 10 trails instead of 5 / have more time at the beach to accomplish this.

This would give us a more accurate aver GE velocity and distance traveled and also direction of the drift traveled of both Marina beach and Maori bay.

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