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Loneliness is a feeling that can be seen in different forms within society, which needs to be examined in depth. Also loneliness is a complex, universal feeling that is experienced by individuals objectively and subjectively due to being lonely or the perception of being alone. So, Therefore, it is not an easy concept to define with its both objective and subjective sides. Perlman and Peplau’s (1984) definition is an old but still relevant and common definition, which defines loneliness as an unpleasant experience that occurs when a person’s network of social relationship is significantly deficient in either quality or quantity. Peplau and Perlman (1982) also define it as the aversive state experienced when a discrepancy exists between the interpersonal relationships one wishes to have and those one currently perceives have. Both definitions clarify the characteristics of the loneliness as negative, aversive, undesirable and painful feeling. Importance of individuals’ perception in feeling alone as a cognitive element is also stressed in the definitions. Loneliness is generally associated with negative feelings about issues in social relationships while some loneliness feelings come from within the individual, regardless of their social situation. Weiss (1973) classify loneliness in two types: emotional and social loneliness. Emotional loneliness mostly occur due to the absence or lack of close and intimate relationship with family, children, spouse or the partner while social loneliness results from lack of satisfactory relationship with desired social groups and not being accepted as a member.

The university’s first step and first impressions for the students are very important. Young people remember the first things they see, hear and meet for a long time. The cleanup or removal of the university creates a picture of the students’ state of affairs and the movements of the people around them. Most of the students in the first days feel themselves alone in this koskoca and mixed environment. Particularly, students coming from abroad can be a little more difficult to keep up with the new ones. At this point, there are big duties in college. Because it affects the situation for young people’s interest, words and words of welcome in the first days. Of course it’s not true that everything is in the crowd and waiting for the university. Student associations and councils also need to make an effort in this regard. Students are informed about the university and they need to be in solidarity with them so that they can adapt more quickly (Yuksel, 2012). Because many of these students live in culture in the first days of university and can close themselves. In these young people who can not adapt to the university in a short time, failures, leaving the university, alienation, stress, anxiety, depression can occur. Both the physical and psychological health of students are negatively affected.

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