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Literature allows us to become acquainted with
centuries of discoveries, imagination, ideologies and art. My love and interest
for it stems from the fact that reading can make you feel secure and at home,
while it can also start revolutions and provoke immeasurable changes. I have
always been an avid reader; books fascinate me. I love the idea that wherever I
am, I only have to open a book and suddenly I am somewhere else; maybe I am in
Jonathan Swift’s 1710 London and the rain is pouring down, in the streets of
Hugo’s 1862 Paris, or maybe I am in Arthur Miller’s 1693 Salem and I see
witches everywhere. Books are my home; they make me dream and travel, they
allow me to acquire knowledge and see different perspectives, but they also
provide a sense of comfort and security that I cannot attain with anything else.
It’s ineffable. Therefore, the obvious next step of my academic career is
studying English at university level; I would like to teach this subject later
in my life.

I am a very focused, disciplined and passionate
student. My passion for literature and studies led me to do a Diplome D’Études
Collégiales in Arts, Letters and Communication, profile Languages. This DEC
allowed me to further my knowledge in various fields of literature and
languages. For instance, I took classes on German and Spanish languages, Poetry,
Drama, Short Stories, Québécois and Canadian Literature and Literary theories, as
well as Philosophy and French as a mother tongue. These classes and the different
approaches used by teachers allowed me to develop various skills and qualities
such as my ability to write, both formal essays and less formal writings such
as journals, my capacity to work in teams, my independence and the skill to
interpret texts and communicate my opinion. I believe that the skills I have
developed during my DEC will be extremely valuable and will complement my
studies in English at university level. 

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