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List of Figures
1.      Introduction. 2
2.      Literature
Review (theoretical part). 3
2.1        E-commerce. 3
2.2 Customer Experience Management 4
2.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI). 5
2.4 Augmented Reality. 5
2.5 Internet of Things. 6
3.      Case Study. 7
3.1        Implementation
of Digital Technologies. 7
3.1.1         Strategies to
be used and its benefits. 7
3.1.2 Improved
customer experience. 7
3.2 SWOT Analysis. 8
3.3 Legal Framework. 9





























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Plantronics is a designer,
manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headsets, telephone
headset systems, headset accessories, and related services. Plantronics’
headsets are recognised for their safety, reliability, comfort, and sound
quality. Plantronics has come to be highly regarded for leading-edge
technological innovations, particularly for its emerging market products, such
as cellular and computer headsets. The Company’s headset products are used
globally for call centre, mobile, computer and residential applications.


In like manner for
different businesses, the street to digital business achievement isn’t clear
and full of troubles of choosing the right key bearing and making due in an inevitably
brutal aggressive condition. Not all who take after the course survive. Be that
as it may, regardless of whether it’s the new companies or a current business,
what they have in like manner is that the individuals who succeed figure out
how to improve to take the privilege key choices about digital innovation,
digital marketing and inventory network management.


This report is
planned to analyse the impact of e-commerce strategy for Plantronics with a
portion of the learning and reasonable abilities to explore their association towards
digital business. A key point of this report is to distinguish and audit the
key management choices required by associations moving to digital business and
consider the procedure by which these choices can be taken.



This report answers the following question:
How should they go about implementing two or more of the aforementioned digital
technologies? What benefit will it bring? What will it look like? How will it
improve their customers’ experiences? Justify why they should do this. What are
the possible implications both internally as well as externally to this change?
What should senior leadership do in order to embed these new technologies into
the company culture? What are some risks and what are the benefits of adopting
these new technologies? Through a systematic research for the benefits and
drawbacks of e-commerce for Plantronics.















Literature Review (theoretical part)

2.1   E-commerce


Management of e-commerce involves organizing purchase-side1
and sell-side2
activities and setting up the plans and resources to deliver the identified
benefits. Today, the web-based social networking or peer-to-peer interactions
that happen between customers on organization websites, web journals,
communities and informal communities have changed the progression of online

Likewise, the overexcited consumer
appropriation of mobile technology stages by means of mobile sites and mobile
applications offers new stages to interact with customers which must be
evaluated and prioritized. Deciding which of the many emerging technologies and
marketing approaches to prioritize and which to ignore is a challenge for all


However, Introducing new technology isn’t all that is required for
success in presenting e?commerce and digital business. Clearly defined
objectives, creating the correct culture for change, blend of abilities,
partnerships and authoritative structure are seemingly more imperative.


principle business drivers for presenting e?commerce and digital business are
opportunities for increased revenues and reducing costs, however numerous other
benefits can be identified that improve customer service and corporate image.
Consumer reception of the digital technology is limited by absence of
imperative, cost of access and security fears. Business reception tends to be
restricted by perception of cost, making return on investment hard to evaluate.


Assessment of an association’s existing digital business capabilities is
a beginning stage for the future development of their digital business
strategy. An example of a fundamental stage model reviewing capabilities for
sell-side and purchase side e-commerce is appeared in Figure 1.1. This shows
how companies will introduce more complex technologies and extend the range of
processes which are digital business-enabled.


2.2 Customer
Experience Management


Following are the Key aspects of creating a positive
customer experience in Plantronics:


Content quality (Can the customer easily find relevant, up and coming content?
Are there errors?).

Adequate performance of website infrastructure in terms of accessibility and
download speed.

? Ease
of reaching an organization for help.

Quality of response to email enquiries and fulfillment quality.

Acknowledgment of customer protection.

Reflecting and supporting the characteristics of the offline mark.


with the technology and customer database necessary to deliver service is a key
aspect of digital marketing and requires close interaction between marketers
and the IS department or external experts.


The 5Ms
provide another useful framework inside the Altimeter (2010) report which can
be used in Plantronics for reviewing strategy implementation. The 5Ms are:


1 Monitoring. Reviewing the method of social
listening and deriving bits of knowledge from these.


2 Mapping. Discovering relationships
between singular customers or grouped segments utilizing different social
stages, e.g. Facebook and Twitter or email marketing.


3 Management. Processes for implementing
and reviewing strategy. More report detail on crusade management would be
helpful here.


4 Middleware. The software instruments
and APIs used to screen and gather knowledge.


5 Measurement. The measures used to
assess social marketing effectiveness and ROI. (Altimeter, 2010)



2.3 Artificial
Intelligence (AI)


This new sector is currently a niche market and it has
a high potential for Plantronics, sensor-improved headphones are called
hearables, another class of headphones that accomplish something other than
stream music using AI. Hearables concentrate on a few key highlights: Advanced
sound advances that effectively tune in for human voices and scratch off
outside commotion, gadgets that all the more profoundly coordinate computerized
aides, and well-being and-wellness driven gadgets that screen and give client
input. (CB insights, 2017)


Informing clients additionally concerning themselves
is one key to taking headphones past the time of the sound first core interest.


Transforming data without hesitation through the up
and coming age of remote headphones is winding up more critical as Bluetooth
headphones deals blast. In 2016, Bluetooth headphones represented an incredible
54 percent of all headphone deals, surpassing non-Bluetooth sets out of the
blue, as per the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service. Bluetooth headphone deals
represented $2.2 billion in deals from June 2016 until May 2017. (Forbes, 2017)


Economic Intelligence Unit, Morningstar

Global GDP will
grow only 3.5% annually.



2.4 Augmented Reality



Mixes true advanced information caught regularly with
a computerized camera in a webcam  or on
the other hand cell phone to make a program based advanced portrayal or
experience mirroring that of this present reality. It is best clarified through


1 Glasses Direct made its ‘Video Mirror’ application
which empowered webpage guests to demonstrate sets of glasses utilizing their


2 BMW utilized AR inside a crusade propelling their Z4
display on a ‘virtual’ test drive

around the work area!


3 Layar showed a home operator application utilizing
the camera on a cell phone while overlaying property data in a comparable shape
to Google Street View.


Similarly Plantronics can give its customers a unique
experience by providing the music quality through their phones by using
augmented reality. This will help Plantronics to reach a large customer base.


2.5 Internet of Things


As per a report publishes in linkedin by wiseguy, a
key development driver is the fame of games headphones. The biometric sports
following headphones have developed in unmistakable quality since their
commencement. These headphones have the highlights of following the heart rate,
remove secured, and calories consumed. In spite of there being no lack of heart
rate screens in the market, for some clients, headphones are a piece of their
preparation equip. Additionally, including a keen heart rate sensor just
upgrades the use of these headphones.


Experts figure the worldwide brilliant headphones
market to develop at a CAGR of 19.35% amid the period 2016-2020. (Deloitte,


Statista ,2018



The mechanical scene is set apart by late
presentations of a few new home remote gushing innovations, including Google
Cast, DTS Play-Fi and Qualcomm AllPlay. These new advances offer gadget
producers more prominent adaptability for entire home audio,
higher-determination remote audio than already accessible and more extensive
similarity with different gadgets. (Forbes, 2017) The assortment of in-home
remote advancements makes a profoundly focused condition as gadget creators
adjust their items to at least one innovations and test what mixes will demonstrate
most speaking to shoppers.


Moreover, the expanding combination of versatile
applications with associated audio gadgets broadens item plan into the
application space, where the client involvement in the application turns out to
be similarly as imperative, or maybe more critical, than gadget outline by
righteousness of the application turning into the central purpose of
collaboration with the gadget.

Case Study


Implementation of Digital Technologies


Advances in
the earphone and headphone innovation are the critical factors attributing
expanded item deals. The most productive headway in the field of audio
innovation, especially in the customer section, is the noise cancelation and
wireless network.


In the
course of recent years, these advances have risen as key patterns with makers
underscoring on creating items that give quality audio and spare a client from
the issues of wired items; in this way, clearing route for remote items.


Strategies to be used and its benefits


Customer needs and wants (from the product) – the
website is a mechanism for explaining how the product proposition meets these
needs and wants.

Cost to the customer (price) – online the customer is
likely to be comparing prices to other websites and traditional purchasing

Convenience (relative to place) – online this is the
quality of customer experience in terms of the ordering process and fulfilment.

Communication (promotion) – the website itself coupled
with the methods of driving traffic to the site, such as search engine
marketing and email marketing.


a. Develop global communal: Plantronics
will focus on specific ‘relatively less-?penetrated, large markets’ such as Brazil,
India, Mexico and Japan through the use of e-commerce and Internet of things


b. Develop products to deliver the most captivating
user understanding: By using advanced
technology and integrating it with the headphones Plantronics can attract a
large portion of headphones market.


c. Build a accessible infrastructure: Plantronics should build a scalable
infrastructure commensurate to the industry size and customer’s requirements.


d. Plantronics Platform: Plantronics will develop a platform to for
e-commerce and augmented reality through which a large customer base can be
reached to try the unparalled quality and technology provided by Plantronics.



Improved customer experience


Plantronics will improve the customers experience
through following manner:

recommendations for existing customers.

of email welcome strategy for new online customers as part of development of an
integrated contact or e?CRM strategy delivered through personalised web and email messages and
traditional direct communications.

blogs or RSS feeds to encourage return visitors.

more participation through customer communities

Implementing e-commerce, digital solutions




The above figures shows the implementation of
ecommerce platform along with IoT technology in Plantronics.


3.2 SWOT Analysis





a.)    International Marketplace – What used to be a single physical
marketplace located in a geographical area has now become a borderless
marketplace including national and international markets. By becoming
e-commerce enabled, businesses now have access to people all around the globe.
In effect all e-commerce businesses have become virtual multinational


b.)    Operational Cost Savings – The cost of creating, processing,
appropriating, putting away and retrieving paper-based data has decreased.


c.)    Mass Customization – E-commerce has revolutionized the way
consumers purchase products and ventures. The processing takes into
consideration products and services to be customized to the customer’s


d.)   Lower Telecommunications Cost – The Internet is considerably cheaper than
value added networks (VANs) which were based on leasing telephone lines for the
sole use of the organization and its authorized partners. It is likewise
cheaper to send a fax or e-mail by means of the Internet than direct dialing.


e.)    Digitization of Products and Processes – Particularly on account of software and
music/video products, this can be downloaded or e-mailed directly to customers
by means of the Internet in computerized or electronic organization.


f.)     No time Constraints – Businesses can be contacted by or contact customers
or suppliers at any-time.


3.3 Legal Framework


By method for the three directives, European
legislators have created an altogether practicable legal framework for
e-commerce members in the internal market. A solid emphasis has thereby been
placed on the presentation of consumer protection benchmarks through improved
and comprehensive data to customers and expansive standard possibilities for
pulling back from contracts. This approach makes perfect sense, given that the
trust of customers can thereby be strengthened.


The Directive on Electronic Commerce
institutes legal certainty with the presentation of the nation of root
principle for providers of e-commerce exchanges. Generally, this means the law
of the nation applies in which an organization is domiciled. Together with the
Distance Selling Directive, it provides a framework for consumer protection.
Customers of online services have to be given better data about product offer
and provider. 3


Germany has plans to improve data
protection for users of e-commerce. In future, the Teleservices Data Protection
Act is to be raised to date to make it easier for the two providers and
customers to determine what personal data might be collected and processed.


The Signature Directive introduces least
measures for the use of electronic signatures in the EU member states. This is
to raise legal certainty by a noteworthy degree when contracts are concluded
through the internet and to improve their verifiability in related court cases.
Qualified electronic signatures are to become legally equivalent to written by
hand signatures4


Plantronics has to adhere to the existing legal
framework for carrying out is e-commerce business but it will be a worth for a
cause looking to the high potential given above and it will also help
Plantronics management to strategically define its guidelines for the required
as per the given directives


Digital Leadership

Trends and challenges of digital technologies

Summary of case study


4.      Recommendation

5.      References



1 E-commerce transactions
between an organization and its suppliers and other partners.

2 E-commerce transactions
between an organization and its customers.

3 See ‘Commission welcomes final adoptions of legal framework


4 Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection
of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on privacy and
electronic communications), OJ 2002, L 201/37.

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