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(Liquid having) sweet smell is a substance that gives off a pleasing smell. The word give sweet smell to come from the Latin word per fume which means “through smoke”. (Liquid having) sweet smell is not just in a bottle of good smelling liquid. It is in lipstick, face andbody liquid for rubbing on skin and powders in company with some other things on a list. Many of us started as babies using give a sweet smell to in our baby liquid for rubbing on skin, baby powder, and baby oils. As we grow older we may undergo growth our own sense of what smells good and we may come to a decision about to damage (liquid having) sweet smell or cologne. There is even (liquid having) sweet smell for air; to make it smell a little cold. For this reason we burn substance giving sweet smell when burned or (liquid) flying in drops air fresheners.Have people always been interested in how they smell

In this research we have survey the product performance and buying behavior of the fragrance of perfumes, which are used by people of all ages. During this research we have interacted with people of all ages who use perfume. After this research we came to know how people perceive these products on the variables like price, fragrance, advertisement, satisfaction, packaging, trademark loyalty etc. We moreover came to know which particular trademark of perfume is most preferred by people of variegated age groups. In this research, we have surveyed that how commonly and how much perfume they use, whether they buy small, worthier family pack. The trend of ongoing changes in their likings has been shown in the report. In this report, we have tried to explain the unshortened research and facts product wise.

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Objective of the study

This project is based on user policies towards Perfumes. Objectives of the study are:1The other objective is to know well-nigh the consumer satisfaction associated with the product and the consumer preference level.2To increase consumer satisfaction and recapture the market share by fulfilling the consumer needs.3To study the factors well-expressed the consumption pattern.

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