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Linking Crime Challenges Linking Crime Challenges in the 21st Century The evolution of crime over the years has made law enforcement and law making a challenge. As technology grows so does the extreme nature of crime. With more organization and more educated individuals we are going to be challenged.

With television and all the other media outlets showing glorifying the need to be rich and the by any means necessary approach it is going to make it harder for law enforcement. With the ever so evolving gang, which is still prevalent in most states, there still challenges that need to be dealt with. Gangs are one of the oldest organized crime entities and they still pose a challenge to law enforcement due to their size and criminal activity. Many people think gang activity has slowed down.

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It seems that way because they are not the topic of much discussion in the media. Gangs have only become smarter and better at the crimes and the way they carry out their crimes. They still commit violent crimes and there are still a lot of murders. There some examples of what is going with law, enforcement, crime, challenge, media, internet, gangs, crimes, challenges, need, going, information, website, through, technology, pornography, one, make, due, wealthy, way, viewing, russell, poses, pose, now, music, movies, means, glorify, gang, find, easy, detect, criminals

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