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For three summers I didn’t come home from my summer Job smelling like grease from the local cafeГ© or fresh cut mowed lawns, but I came home smelling like chlorine and tanning oil.

I spent my days in a high lifeguard stand, towering over bathers enforcing rules and watching for drowning victims. I slathered on the tanning oil to get the perfect deep brown tan, and occasionally lifted my polarize sunglasses to double-check the patrons. It’s a hard Job, but someone’s got to do it.

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This summer Job was located at the local swimming pool where I worked for three mummers, watching hundreds of bathers enjoy their summer fun.There were three other lifeguards that also worked with me. So, why did we choose this Job to sit up on a ‘perch’ for 25 to 50 minutes at a time when it’s a sweltering 100 degrees on a daily basis? We all loved coming to work at the pool because it wasn’t like any other Job that many teenagers had in our hometown. For starters, we got to be outside and dress very comfortably. Wearing a swimsuit with one of our lifeguard shirts was our dress code for work, and our biggest necessities on the Job were a whistle, a hat, and tots of water.With a sociable and supportive management and friendly co-workers, I never dreaded going to the pool to work. Work started at noon for us everyday, giving us Just one hour to prep the pool for the upcoming afternoon. When we arrived at work we started vacuuming the pool, setting up chairs, and making sure the walking areas around the pool were clean and free of items that may cause someone to trip or fall.

We also checked the chlorine and pH levels in the pool to make sure they were at a safe level to swimmers but also high enough to keep the pool clean and free from bacteria.There were also the little things behind the scene that we did like hosing bathrooms down, taking out the trash, and cleaning the sinks and toilets. By one o’ clock we were open for business! Bathers would be pulling up in the parking lots, with car doors swinging open with kids making a mad dash to the front counter. At the front counter the lifeguards were in charge of running the cash register and making change for the patrons. I had to get used to being able to make change quickly in my head, but after the hang of it I was pretty comfortable.

The next part, and probably the most important part, was now getting into my figured stand. Climbing up in the lifeguard chair watching people swim doesn’t sound very hard, but the care and attentiveness that is required to do a good Job makes up for the impression that we are Just “sitting around by the pool. ” You can’t let your mind wander on the sound of a faint radio or the smell of a delicious snack at the front counter.

You are responsible for any accidents or drowning at your pool. My lifeguard training taught my to scan my space repeatedly, looking for any signs of distress in swimmers.You have to constantly state at the water and look at every arson and evaluate him or her. It takes some serious brainpower and concentration to constantly be focused on the pool. This Job as a lifeguard has influenced my career path as well.

When lifeguard came into my life, I was introduced to something I found even more compelled to do like anything else before – helping people in need. I remember a particular time that stands out. A young man had gone into extreme symptoms of dehydration and needed emergency medical help. I Nellie get ten man as comfortable as possible Ana put cool rags on Nils Day tall t paramedics came.Even though I felt like I hadn’t done a huge Job, his family thanked me over and over for the great work I had done for their son and making the right call of getting medical help. I had truly helped someone who was in immense discomfort and helped ease his family.

The thought that I could do this for a living solidified my decision to work towards a career in nursing. During the past three summers, I helped people every day in big and small ways like this. Looking back to my first summer as a lifeguard, I never knew that the role of this work would influence my decision in life that immensely.

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